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Fever Dreams

Discussion in 'Other Fiction' started by Louise Ranavolana Brooks, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Louise Ranavolana Brooks

    Louise Ranavolana Brooks Active Member

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    There have been really interesting and creative stories and videos published here - Lizzy Storm and Annie Thundergirl to name two. But nothing at all lately, and it is a great pity I think.

    There was a story writing contest a while back. My contribution was a rather cringeworthy story - that I nevertheless got a lot of enjoyment out of (not to mention mocking other players - what can I say its a well known fact Australians tend to be trolls )
    And I won a Sandrunner as a prize :)

    I enjoy storytelling so I thought I would offer a short story - I enjoyed writing it and I hope people will enjoy reading it - is in 3 parts and its title is (as above Fever Dreams)
  2. Louise Ranavolana Brooks

    Louise Ranavolana Brooks Active Member

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    Another dawn on Arkadia. It does not break so much as gently manifest.

    Beautiful, glorious, unearthly.

    It has been such a long time since I was on earth. Yet I still think in earthly terms. Even now I consider myself an earthling

    In fact on much of Arkadia I could think I was Earth, a cleaner fresher Earth The landscapes, the vegetation

    Though the creatures, when one comes upon them, are a bit of a shock – but even then one can draw a similarity to earth creatures (often with some difficulty).
    Certainly not the stars and sun though.

    But here in the desert far from anything in this forsaken yet strangely beautiful wilderness, the spirit of Arkadia reveals itself. It is the crystals I think, they lead this song, from those that appear as unformed piles of stone to the ones perfectly formed that pulse with an inner fire – each all add their own tones to what I can only think of as a song – it is much more than that though. A pure yet erotic feeling of peace, rest, and yes, oblivion.

    I have been on this mission for far too long and am approaching mental & physical exhaustion and I am beset with doubts to the point of despair of the effectiveness of what I am doing.

    But the Arkadian Dawn revives and restores me I feel – to keep moving, keep trying, just one more day – by day – by day.

    Fragments of verse float through my mind

    “A book of verse/a flask of wine and thou/ singing beside me in the wilderness/and wilderness is paradise now”

    The Dawn revives me But I am not in a paradise! Not at all – and appearing in front of my position I can see the reason. How can I describe them in a way that shows my dislike, disgust even – fragments from another poem “these slythey toves that gyre and gymbal on the wabe”. Is a good start.

    And I don’t know what causes these feelings – It is not as if they are intrinsically ugly – But while we would consider a Tiger magnificent, we wouldn’t think so of a chimpanzee.

    They are so like us, but their proportions, the way they move, the sounds they make. Its like they mock us just by their existence.

    But my feelings of hate disgust and yes fear. Yes I fear them, not so much for what they are (one could almost pity them for their situation) but for them signposting the way to our fate. Part of another poem “The sheeted dead/that shriek and gibber in the streets of Rome”.

    I see them as dead – not in the graceful way they move, I consider them to be more capable and even more intelligent than us. But their individuality, their free will – where is it? They operate under an overwhelming compulsion and control but who is doing the controlling. It seems that the controllers are “missing in action” as it were.

    That there are whole chapters of the Playbook for the control of these creatures that have been lost – and they are performing actions that have become meaningless, ritualistic even.

    Thank God for that – we are having great difficulty in overcoming them in their present confused and benighted state.

    What would happen to us if they got their act together?

    Well, let’s get it together – I am hunting them as part of our great “Operation Payback”

    And yet confused and unorganised as they are – I am well aware

    That they are also hunting me

    (to be cont)
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  3. Bas

    Bas New Member

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    I like the hint of foreboding : )

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