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Fairly New Looking for a Soc

Discussion in 'SocTalk' started by Laertes, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Laertes

    Laertes New Member

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    I am fairly new. I'd say a week old. I've made deposits to get going, so i'm invested.

    Presently being mentored and @ approx 7% in. (I got a mentor after 2 days of playing)

    Right now i've been Swunting around Celeste Quarry. Im @ 225 Sweat Gathering, and many other skills to boot.

    I've read, and continue to read up on the game as I have the time / capacity to do so. I am not sure what I want to be or plan to do, as I want to become "eco" stable off the swunting i'm doing, as it is possible, although slow, but its a goal of mine to mark a step to progress further.

    I'd like to get into a nice, relaxed Society now while I am young so that I can grow into it. I am not asking for ingame handouts, but would prefer a group that wouldn't mind answering or teaching me as time passes.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Mastertreetop

    Mastertreetop Member

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    I am in a soc, Chaos Theory Exploration. It is dedicated to helping new players while we grow. If interested find me or Dante Imperator kesel in game.
  3. rick_janson

    rick_janson Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    We're pretty relaxed. Many of us are in a similar situation (poor and not all able to deposit as we'd like to). We kind of consider ourselves a mentor soc dedicated to helping newer players get going on their own. We're small, but can be fun sometimes.

    You can see more here: http://arkadiaforum.com/showthread.php?2753-Arkadia-s-Fastest-Growing-New-Society-Recruiting!

    And I recommend reading up on this (written by our society leader): www.arkadiansunleashed.tk/hunting-guide.html

    We also have a Skype group you can join in before or after you join the society (if you choose to). There's a link on the society home page: www.arkadiansunleashed.tk or you can add me: ahwm23 :)