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F.A.Q. and Help

Discussion in 'Interactive Arkadia' started by endy, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Oceanic opens but you do not see the map or/and all panels on the left side say "Waiting for data...":

    Something went wrong while extracting Oceanic files from the distribute.

    After downloading the archive you need to create a folder in which you will keep oceanic program and data files.

    It can be anywhere on your hard drive, just make sure you have enough rights to create files in that place. For example you created a folder "oceanic_clean" inside D:/tmp/, so it's D:/tmp/oceanic_clean, and unzipped the downloaded package in there. In this case you oceanic folder should look like this:

    View attachment 3158

    When you download an update, you need to unzip it into the same folder (D:/tmp/oceanic_clean) overwriting existing files with the ones from the update and leaving all other (old) files intact.

    Do NOT delete any files, the update normally contains only a few new files, if you delete any old files, Oceanic will stop working and you will have to download and extract the main package over again.

    Mouse wheel is not working in Oceanic or Galaxy Guide

    Mouse wheel is the way to go for zooming the map, scrolling the lists or text but it won't work right away after you open Oceanic or GG.

    To make it work you need to click on the application first, anywhere you like, this will give it focus and the wheel will start working after that.