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External Article: Plunder Planet Arkadia

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by isclay, May 26, 2011.

  1. isclay

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  2. Stagger

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    i've read it and i must say that i'm dissapointed about what they tell about arkadia here.
    there is so much more info to give, they forget that with a new release of the planet they have
    to advert with all the mining options and hunting options, teamhunting and such.

    What i'm trying to say is that they could have made this article much more attractive to gamers.
    this is something i see, read 3 lines and click away because its to much text and to little info that matters to me.
  3. red

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    I read it.

    it's not a review. it's two sentences with arkadia studio's press release attached to it. so, as a review, it rates a big zero.

    as a general rule, I find corporate press releases to be distasteful. and, arkadia's follows the same boring, uninformative, saccharine, bleached, and predictable format that 98% of all press releases follow.

    it's important, when publishing such things to remember that most of the people picking it up to review or redistribute will use it as the source for their "original" article. the exceptionally lazy will do as this article does and simply reprint it. so, it's important that the release contain information that is actually interesting.

    writing good press releases is not an easy job and takes real talent. by following the herd and writing to the "standard" template, your weak message gets lost amongst everything else that looks exactly the same. looking the same as your competition is not the best way to attract attention and generate interest.
  4. swaith

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    actually its because a press release is exactly that, its for the press. who skim hundreds if not thousands of press releases a day to get to what interests them as press, not as gamers.

    i write them for our company here and its a dull process which is to get to the point and as a game company is there to make money its more for the industry then for players. if you want to read something great for the game read their own literature aimed at their market (you!) it will read great and look sparkly but if you strip it of all the aesthetics and shiny bits you get a press release :D

    the templates the same because its on par with a CV, you wouldn't write a book and expect an interview. you keep it short to the point detailing your pros and smoothing over your cons. similar to a press release. it should only contain 5 key elements, who what when where and why. anything more wont be read because those 5 things are all you need to elaborate on something and throw in some artistic flaire :D

    while i do agree using one on a review is pointless as it does nothing lets hope that our player base is wise enough to read between the lines and see this as a flavourless copy and paste attempt
  5. Snape

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