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Explanation about tiers math?

Discussion in 'Crafting' started by Murkalael, May 12, 2015.

  1. Murkalael

    Murkalael Active Member

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    First wanna show u guys something:
    Entropia 2015-05-11 20-50-16-62.jpg

    This is self crafted and not the first one. But when killing Nusuls I noticed that it was tiering up faster than usual.
    So the question is, how is the math behide tiers, but I want the real thing not only "bigger is better" quotation
  2. ArchAngel

    ArchAngel Active Member

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    This is a good question. Unfortunately nobody seems to know how the tiering system actually works (mathematically) other than the 'higher the better'.

    Here is a link to EP that I found useful: Tiering
    If you look at the data Jenny Ferr posts for the costs per percentage tier level(2.1-2.2-2.3 etc.) it seems completely random.

    I would have thought that that a lower tier number would be better. For example: a Tier 1 number of 60 means every 60 uses gains you another step towards the next tier or something like that.

    The fact that the higher Tier numbers indicate a faster Tier rate means they are using some kind of inverted math formula to come up with the Tier increase rate.

    I would be very interested in seeing some actual math behind the Tiering system. Calling all NERDS, a little help here!!!
  3. Lizzy

    Lizzy Deactivated User

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    I think tiering skills also contribute to the speed at which items tier. Not 100% sure ofc.
  4. Bradley Killer Kell

    Bradley Killer Kell Member

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    I know it's low TT Level stuff, but the TT Shortblade (Manta) on Arkadia... I keep Tiering it further and further with each one I go through. I think my last one hit 2.9. Now I assume this is because my Skill in Tier keeps rising slightly, so that it can push slightly further.

    I know these TT (L) go WAY faster than (UL), so it's not the same comparison.
  5. WhiningSkeptic

    WhiningSkeptic Active Member

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    I'm guessing it's as simple as a predetermined variable setting the roof for probability for a tier tick and the TIR being your chance.

    Say X = TIR

    Spitballing numbers:
    T1: x/10,000
    T2: x/20,000

    At least that's how I imagine it. This could probably be tested by tiering a shit ton of identical weapons. No. I'm not going to do that.
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