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Important! Experiencing Lag?

Discussion in 'About Planet Arkadia' started by Snape, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Snape

    Snape Master of the BanHammer Staff Member PAF Administrator

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    Hello Folks,

    I have it on good authority that MA are asking for voluntary information from the playerbase in order to track down and hopefully nail the lag issues we have been experiencing of late.

    Joakim recently posted the following details over at PCF. In the absence of any sort of similar request coming via the RSS feed from MA, I decided to post the information here for people that don't frequent the other forums.

    So get on it and send in your info and lets see if we can't contribute to the solution eh? :D

  2. cattsscann

    cattsscann Member

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    Full avatar name: Tameron Cutter Othello
    Date: 06/19/14 (Beijing)
    Time (UTC)? Last 18 hours or so... (*+08:00) I think
    Location in-game? Rocktropia, and Space near Rocktropia
    Activity in-game? All activities, (hunting, mining, flying)
    How did the lag affect your gaming experience? lagging out and dc'ing in space hurts because you get thrown a long way from where you were huntin or flying.
  3. May

    May Active Member

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    If you want to send in this info, but can't get it to work, these tips that were brought up might help:

    - Make sure you are signed into Windows as the administrator.

    - If you don't have a default Windows installation, replace the c:\users\%username%\documents parts with %userprofile%\desktop

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