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Event Partner Proposal

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Lykke, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Dear Entropia Universe Event Managers

    The Planets are buzzing with creative events every week, and EntropiaPlanets is gifted with a lot of this activity on the forum already.

    We wish to make a proposal to the EU Event Managers for more organized coverage and activity with events - and even more focus on all those very special events being held.

    The E-team has been brainstorming on an agreement between Event Managers and EntropiaPlanets. We have come up with a written Event Partner Agreement where it's visible to all and presents mutually beneficial terms between EntropiaPlanets and Event Managers as outlined below.

    As an Event Partner with EntropiaPlanets, we offer the following:

    • A personal event section with a name of your choice on the forum (some have that already here: Entropia Services)
    • A private forum section you can use for your event team - to use for brainstorming for example
    • You will be asked if you are interested in a private All Event Managers forum to brainstorm collectively - and where you perhaps can even cooperate with each other to make sure all events will have nice spots, not be on same time etc. ( I know some are working together in this manner today)
    • You will be offered a running top banner on EP for free - which you can replace as you like.
    • You will get a 10% discount on ads in the EntropiaTimes magazine
    • You will get free coverage of events, which will be shown on the front page of EP (though, not all your events, and it's depending on the EP staff availability and the frequency and originality of your events)*
    • You will receive 50 PED per month as an event donation**

    * Alternatively you can provide us with some lines/words/pictures about the event and we will write an article about it.
    ** The PED donation for the events will be paid a month in arrears, and only if the Event Manager's part of the agreement has been kept. The donation will be 50 PED per Event Manager Agreement, not per event

    EU Event Manager's Reciprocal Agreement:

    • All events will be posted on EntropiaPlanets first, and the other forums after
    • You as an Event Manager Partner will mention EntropiaPlanets in your event threads when advertising
    • You will advertise in the magazine at least once per year
    • You will mention EntropiaPlanets to others, and mention EP when promoting your events in game

    This agreement should be a win-win situation - EP will do its part to uphold our part of the agreement and have an expectation that each EU Event Manager Partner will do the same.

    All Event Partners will be offered the same basic agreement as shown above. We are of course very open for suggestions that expand or enhance the agreement that satisfies all parties involved.

    As a Planet Partner with a forum we offer the following:

    We wish to help the different planets in our universe succeed, and as such, we offer each planet forum the opportunity to post the front page coverage articles from EntropiaPlanets on their own front pages if the event is being held on their planet. Only reference will be a small notice at the bottom of the article saying: 'Originally posted on EntropiaPlanets.'

    So far, Arkadia Planet www.Arkadiaforum.com has become a partner in this agreement, and will also promote the events even further, helping to keep the community together across 'boarders' of the forums and planets.

    Already asked questions:


    We are working on a small 'Event Partner' icon, which can be shown in the thread somewhere to show that EntropiaPlanets supports the events. More about this later :)

    If you are interested in becoming an EU Event Manager Partner, please send me a PM.

    If you, as a Planet Partner with a forum are interested in joining the special front page agreement, please also send me a PM and I will add you on the list ^^ .

    Happy Eventing
    On behalf of the EP Crew


    (Too admin: I was in doubt where to post this. If I chose the wrong section, then I'm sorry you have to move it :) )

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