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Entropia Tracker – soft launch of new site…

Discussion in 'Tools & Utilities' started by starfinder, Apr 22, 2012.

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    A lot of stuff is happening …
    Since Entropia Tracker started in 2008 I have personally always had a feeling that with the data Entropia Tracker has, we could provide a much more complete Entropia Universe experience on the web, compared to what it was providing. Up until now Entropia Tracker was merely a “pretty interface” into the database. For almost a year, I have been working on a new version of Entropia Tracker that would incorporate a lot of the ideas I have had for Entropia Tracker since the start. (Hey! I also have a full time job!)

    Now it is time to show a preview of this site. Since the idea were that the site should be much more than just an interface to the global databases, but more a site with a social and news orientated twist. The name didn’t feel right anymore. This is why the new site has changed name from Entropiatracker.com to Entropialife.com.

    After careful consideration and quite some time of collaboration in an unofficial sense, BIG Industries and Entropia Tracker have now put their heads together officially to bring you Entropia Life.

    The new site is a mixture of facebook, google maps, Entropia Tracker, Twitter, forums and ideas from other social media sites all mixed together in a way that is unique to any Entropia Universe related site. All custom coded – no google, facebook or twitter API/code used anywhere.

    I could write a long post about what you can do on the new site, but then the post would be a few pages long. Instead I would like to invite you to test out the new site. There are however, a few things you should know.

    The site is running on a COPY of the Entropia Tracker database. This means that any changes/profile updates you do on Entropia Life, does not affect Entropia Tracker and vice versa. Once we fully launch the new site – we will take a fresh copy of the Entropia Tracker database and apply that to the Entropia Life website. We will be working diligently to reach our official launch goal of May 29th, so please understand that support cases may have a longer than usual wait time. The site at this time IS NOT COMPLETE, so please understand that not everything is working as it is supposed to yet, so hold off on those support cases until we launch please.

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