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Durieel's "Green Jeep Trader" Booth

Discussion in 'Shops' started by Durieel, May 12, 2020.

  1. Durieel

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    Hi there !

    I will be opening a new booth store For "Mostly" new players and some (crafters) where i will mainly focus on:

    • Weapons crafted/looted
    • Mining enhancers/weapon damage, L1 amps
    • Oil in small stacks for (new players) together with thrusters, rk-5s and welding wire
    • Bp's various types may come ( I got various EP-blueprints 100qr to rent out if you need)
    • Hides from all mobs across Arkadia / Moon ( which usually are gone from our auction, but will be provided at monthly MU)
    • Mind Essence
    • Nutrio Bars

    • As there is limitation on Space given to me for now (20 Items) +(eventually Shopkeeper), i could be doing weekly change of Theme! So feel free to come and check it out once a while! I will be posting themes in ArkadianTrade chat!

    Located at:

    Shop is located at: [Arkadia, 31261, 9541, 123, Green Jeep Trader's Booth]

    I'm very active player who can re-stock on very often basis, players who will help me out with good ideas will be rewarded. Especially as i will be trying booths for the first time :) So don't be harsh on me!!

    For now i'm trying to get a shopkeeper, pm me ingame "Durieel Durieel Auditore" if you know anyone who got one for sale!!!

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