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Dove's Hunting Tips Part 4: The Budget and PED Cycling.

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Dove, May 15, 2018.

  1. Dove

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    Continued from:
    Dove's Hunting Tips Part 3: The Hunt, The Loot and Sales.

    Budget / Cycling Ped:

    OK so lets say the loot generated off 1 hunt is just not worth selling, we need to increase our stack sizes.
    To do this we need more Ped, but how much is enough ?

    I Recommend the following:

    We start by deciding how much time we plan to play the game. Lets use the example of 2 hours hunting a day.

    Based on our Halix test run in Part 3, a 1 hour hunt will result in:

    Initial cost 34.50 Ped (Lets call it 35 even) for:

    No Armour used
    3 PED for the gun (Should last us for approx 6 Hrs of hunting)
    30 Ped Ammo
    1 Ped Healing tool repair (This may be higher for you as my evade is above level 43, Halix don't hurt me)
    0.50 Pec Loot Pill (Optional)​

    Building the stacks to sell

    To build bigger stacks, we plan to hunt more and sell when the stacks are bigger. We plan to hunt 2 hours a day, so lets say our 1 hour hunt cost is 35 Ped, that means for 2 Hours we will need 70 Ped per day. (2 Hrs of hunting a day is plenty, keep in mind you also need to spend time doing other stuff in game, and you probably do have a Husband, Wife or Kids, that want your attention too).

    We plan to hunt every day for a week (note max auction times are 1 week too, and ideally we want to offer our loot, on Auction, on a Thursday, to give it maximum exposure on the weekend, starting Friday for all time zones).

    So a whole week is going to cost us (70 x 7) 490 Ped, once we have cycled that Ped for a whole week, we should have better stacks to sell, problem is while that is on the auction (waiting to sell) we have nothing to spend. This gives us 2 options:

    A) Chillax with some friends, chatting shit in Soc chat while sweating in a group and waiting for sales.

    B) Duplicate the weekly Budget, so we have one week selling, while we build the stacks to sell in the week comming.​

    Thus Total Ped required for a 2 week Halix grind Cycle = (490 x 2) 980 Ped, yep this sounds expensive.
    Reminder: Part 2 Selecting the right Mob / Target. Make sure the Mob you choose is also one you can afford to grind and sustain yourself.

    PS: Keep in mind that you probably bought your WOW game for circa $35 + (12 x $10 Subscription) totaling $155 (1550 PED) and now that you are not playing it you have nothing to show for it, unlike Entropia, where you could still chip out and make a profit.

    Adopting a Budget / Planned Ped cycle should maximize your returns and keep your Ped cycling at a steady rate, without the need to deposit. Provided you do not succumb to the temptation of Hunting for the Jackpot, or buying an expensive bit of cosmetic clothes.

    Managing the Budget:

    I Recommend you plan your Budget and maintain it by splitting it into Ped stacks in your storage, i.e. 1 Ped stack per day, like:

    Ped Budget.jpg

    Happy Hunting !

    And if you need more information let me know.

    [Duif Dove Votan]
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  3. San

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    Always nice to have some numbers to work with. Thanks for the effort.
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  4. PengWinz

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    Thank you Dove for the insight and great time it took to make this.
    Great basic advice to get going in the right direction.
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  5. Bolleke

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    Goddammit dove. I'm going to try it this way. With a bigger budget
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