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Dove's Hunting Tips Part 2: Selecting the right Mob

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Dove, May 15, 2018.

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    Continued from:
    Dove's Hunting Tips Part 1: Intro and Equipment.

    So now you have decided on your weapon, and you are ready to storm into the snow and cull the Korwil population ! Wooaah, slow down little snow tiger, those Korwil will hurt you so much, it might take 52 re-spawns to recover !

    Selecting the right Mob / Target.

    It is important to pick the right creature / mob, one that is of the appropriate level for your skill / capability. If you are a new starter I would recommend you take a look at Lizzy Storm's Arkadia Hunting Spreadsheet to select a mob. (Note the spreadsheet tabs for more info; Currently being updated). To find where on Arkadia the mob is you can refer to this map; Arkadia Hunting spot map.

    More Mob info can be found on EntropiaWiki.

    Your Mob selection should be based on the reward goal.

    The grind - Safe, (Completion of missions by killing). This is the most common and safest route, select / choose the Mob grind mission by looking at the rewards first. i.e. if you are a laser damage hunter, getting Sword skill as a reward might not be the best decision for you. Also to maximize your return in loot, you should complete all 6 Stages of that mission, more on maximizing your loot return later.
    The Job - slightly risky, but can be achieved along side the grind, if mob is not too big (Hunting a specific mob for specific items of loot, to sell to an already secured customer or auction order at a predetermined MU / Price).
    The Jackpot - High risk, This is done by monitoring and analyzing Entropia Life statistics and often involve attempting to kill creatures above your ability, which you may deem due for an unload of goodies, it is often done with the use of a healer and the hope to "hit it big" by means of HOF or ATH.

    As a rule of thumb (i.e. my personal guide that I apply when I am too lazy to calculate the figures, or throwing caution to the wind, chasing the Jackpot). I apply the following for the grind:

    Killing: Kill mobs that you can kill with an average of 10 to 15 hits (15 to 20 on larger mobs/maturities) going over 20 means that the creature may be regenerating Health Points (HP) and thus you are wasting ammo to retake HP off it. (For TT weapons it may be less than 10 hits, but it may be the smallest weapon available).

    Getting Killed: Don't hunt mobs that can kill you in 10 hits or less. (this is adjusted with the use of equipment like armour). (Again, if you have just started you will be a little soft, chill, the evade / dodge skill will come)

    Knowing the Mob:

    so this bit may take a bit of research, you may want to consider what loot you will get and what to do with it, also there may just be other rewards for killing the same mob in the right time or place.

    Events - Some players and Land Owners arrange Events, so by keeping your eye on an event and entering it you may just qualify for additional rewards. Look for events on this Forum, in Entropia Life or in game events list. Link to some Arkadia Events.

    Bounties - Some creature have a chance of dropping extremely rare loot and some of these loot items carry a bounty, for Example: Oweko Brain, the item may have a TT value of about 5 PED, BUT there is someone out there that is willing to pay 10K PED for it, if you can find it. More on bounties here.

    High Mark Up (MU) items - Keep an eye on the MU value of the items you loot, a higher MU may indicate a better return when sold or a higher demand for the item, thus making it easier to sell.​

    Mob maturity:

    Higher maturities have higher health points and do more damage. Selecting the mob maturity influences the damage output needed and the damage received, it may also affect the type and amount of loot you receive. An important bit to take note of is the progress on your mission. For example: Kill missions are either amount killed or kill point based.

    Kill missions may state kill 1200 Halix, thus it is easier and faster to kill 1200 young Halix, than it is to kill 1200 Stalkers. Also the Halix mission chain may specify an amount to kill for stages 1 to 5, and then on stage 6 specify Kill points. (Kill points means that each maturity has an assigned number of points, i.e. 1 kill of stalker may reward 30 points, where as a young maturity may only reward 20 points).

    Based on the above, select your target Mob and the appropriate maturity.

    Now lets see how we get on, for the purposes of explaining this part segmented thread I selected Halix.

    On to Part 3: The Hunt, The Loot and Sales.

    Edit 24 Jan 19: Updated link to Lizzy Storm's NEW Arkadian Mob Spreadsheet.

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    That helps a lot :)
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  3. Lizzy-Storm

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    If I may add to this;
    Slightly Risky is also farming high maturity mobs over low maturity mobs (stalkers over youngs). It is almost like messing with the slider when crafting. You still should get your 95% average returns, but you need to hunt a lot. A single hunt every now and then won't cut it - it needs dedicated farming imho.
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  4. San

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    All Arkadian killpoint missions are calculated in the same way so that for every species a Young counts as 10 points, and all other maturities with a multiplier on that based on their health points, rounded to the nearest integer. Therefore the spread varies as some stalkers have maybe 2-3 times their youngs' while others have more. But always starts at 10. (Disclaimer: I haven't double checked every single one if there are any deviations from the pattern but I never saw one differ when paying attention.)
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