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Discovery: Madana leg

Discussion in 'Discoveries' started by the_prophet, May 31, 2013.

  1. the_prophet

    the_prophet Member

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    Good day Arkadians!

    After countless madana's massacred and devoured here on the planet Arkadia, I was the first colonist able to kill the beast and leaving its leg intact, making me a discovery of a "Madana Leg"...

    This is my first discovery, and I am hoping its a good one...it says in the description its a DNA part but now I need advice of anyone able to contribute with opinion to what a trophy of such is actually worth these days in these parts of the universe:)

    Thanks everyone that will post opinion in advance! ;)

    GL to everyone!

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  2. Hogfish

    Hogfish New Member

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    there is no mu value?
  3. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    There can't be official MU data until an item is sold on auction or in a shop. Since it's newly discovered, it can't have any MU data yet.
  4. jeff evil221 rules

    jeff evil221 rules New Member

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    You should check in around the forums, both on Arkadia and on Calypso as there is wonderful information that can be seen by both. Also check to see if any of the parts that are required have been purchased before, and what they were sold for. Also, because you have discovered the first, it means you have the exclusive one(for now). Having such, it may be worth a good amount now, or if you think you can find all the other parts, it may be good to be the first one to discover the entire DNA itself! That's just my opinion, as I am working on a Nusul DNA myself, I have much to discover, but time is not an issue, only my effort of finding what I am looking for. Have a fantastic time with what ever decision pops into your mind.

    Best regards,
    Jeff Evil221 Rules ♪♫♪ ♥
  5. Mathias | Arkadia

    Mathias | Arkadia The Chief Whip Staff Member PAF Administrator Planet Arkadia Official

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    Nice reply Jeff but I think it's a little too late, please check the date on the previous replies.
    as April is well over 6 months ago as Forum Rule 3.e set as the necro rule, see below