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Discord- Mining Finder Upgrades

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by xantok, Aug 26, 2022.

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    This is copied from the Arkadian Discord word for word, no opinion will be added in this post.
    (except this one, its my idea, so i cant make it non-biased)

    Xantok — 08/07/2022
    Proposal: Levelable finder Finder upgrades, A Leveling finder from normal that is available from all activities. Very newbie friendly, extremely easy to get and there are hundreds of them all over the place. (this gives a cheap, easily available reward for people to give out for events for noobies) I'm using adj, imp, mod, aug, and perfected as it is the “standard” level ups of equipment could be changed to anything else like level or letters or whatever. Make it a Mining Sooto, like vases, beacons and boxes. You could also add it to hunting drops to entice hunters to the planet as well. Make it similar to the Incision plate, 1 component for the upgrade, you can make the drop require refining with other resources on the planet before usage. (IE, hunted, mined and sweat to refine it to the usable upgrade) After multiple hours of brainstorming in the Society discord, we have decided the best route is to go 2 different lines of finders, one following the normal 20/10/30 probes per-use. Then one following the preamped finders route. This also reflects the duality of the IFN and Smugglers on the planet. The same parts to do the upgrades, just turn it in to IFN or Smugglers for the route.

    Basic 20/10/30 probe finder route: IFN route
    Basic- (TerraMaster 1) (IFN version) Maxed:2 Depth 206 range:55 Buffs: -
    Adjusted Maxed:10 Depth: 631.8 Range:57.5 Buffs: 5% sooto,5% mining skill gain, 5% run speed
    Improved:Maxed: 15 Depth:855.6 Range: 60 Buffs: 10% Sooto, 10% mining skill gain, 10% run speed
    Modified Finder Maxed 20 Depth: 1000 Range: 65 Buffs:15% sooto, 15% skill gain, 15% run speed
    Aug Finder Maxed: 25 Depth:1250 Range:70 Buffs: 20% Sooto, 20% skill gain, 20% run speed Perfected
    Finder Maxed: level 30 Depth: 1500 range : 75 Buffs: 25% sooto, 25% mining skill, 25% run speed, +100kg carry weight

    Basic- (TerraMaster 1) (same starting point, available everywhere) Maxed:2 Depth 206 range:55 Buffs: -
    Adjusted Maxed:10 Depth: 408 Range:55.5 Probes:30/15/45 (enmat, ore, treasure) Buffs: 5% sooto, skill gain, +25kg carry weight
    Improved: Maxed: 15 Depth:631 Range: 55.5 Probes: 40/20/60 (enmat, ore, treasure) Buffs: 10% Sooto, skill gain, +50kg carry weight
    Modified Finder (terra 8 + range) Maxed 20 Depth: 741 Range:56 Probes: 100/50/75 (enmat, ore, treasure) Buffs:15% sooto, skill gain, +100kg carry weight
    Aug Finder Maxed: 25 Depth: 830 Range:57 Prebes: 200/100/300 (enmat, ore, treasure) Buffs: 20% Sooto, skill gain, +150kg carry weight
    Perfected Finder Maxed: level 30 Depth: 925 range : 60 Probes:320/160/480 (enmat, ore, treasure) Buffs: 25% sooto, 25% mining skill, 25% Run speed +200 kg carry weight
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    I like this idea, hunters have all the cool new stuff. This is a MINING planet it says on the Arkardia website "Be a Treasure Hunter" so this fits in line with the theme of the planet more than upgradable armors.

    I also like 2 upgrade routes. I think the top one sounds better to me, but the bottom one could be seen by others as better.