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Discord - Large Weapon Amps (by Lunchbox)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by xantok, Aug 26, 2022.

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    This is copied from the Arkadian Discord word for word, no opinion will be added in this post.

    lunchbox — 08/08/2022
    Larger Gun Amp Proposal
    Lunchbox's Rage 50
    Mining - Decrepit Rage 50 Housing
    Bronze Alloy
    (Arkadian Ore or Enmatter) (preferably easy to mine, give base resources markup)
    Refine together to get Refurbished Rage 50 Housing

    Hunting - Discarded Rage 50 Ballistic Compensator
    Fossil Ammonite
    (Arkadian animal part) (ex. Yuka Spinal Plate, Beladoth Nail, Riptor Tongue)
    Refine together to get Refurbished Rage

    50 Amplifier Crafting - BLP Fire control unit - craftable with Arkoins Flint Axe Head (Animal Part) (Arkadian Ore or Enmatter) (preferably easy to mine, give base resources markup)

    Refine Refurbished Rage 50 Housing, Refurbished Rage 50 Amplifier, BLP fire control unit together with Arkoins matching the TT of the amp (360 ped of arkoins in this scenario) and get a full TT Restored Hotfoot 50

    Amp Details:
    LB Hotfoot 50 58 damage + 20% crit damage 2.509 decay 1135 ammo burn 395 max tt
    LB Hotfoot 75 - 83 damage +20% crit damage
    LB Hotfoot 100- 104 damage +20% crit damage
    LB Rage 50 - 49 damage +20% crit damage 2.098 decay 935 ammo burn 360 max tt
    LB Rage 65 - 65 damage +20 crit damage
    LB Rage 75 - 75 damage +20% crit damage

    Final notes: The purpose is to implement a long term goal for users, make it an inclusive event for all professions but an emphasis on Treasure as it is the weakest mining type by far even on Arkadia. Use it to target various ores and enmatter to make the markup around the planet, this can always be used to add more markup to less hunted creatures and move attention to them.