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Discord - Arkadia Defense Core (by David Joker)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by xantok, Aug 26, 2022.

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    This is copied from the Arkadian Discord word for word, no opinion will be added in this post.

    David Joker — 06/17/2022
    Arkadia Defense Core
    An event every month to encourage teaming and community building on Planet Arkadia. This event currently has no physical reward and is meant more for entertainment and a way for players to show off their dedication to planet Arkadia. Teams of players will earn points that will increase their teams rank and recognition level. Every 25 points increases your team rank by 1 level and every 10 levels will earn your team a new title to show off their dedication to the Planet!

    Teams have 3 ranks of players in each team:

    High- high level hunters: Kamaldon type strength or above. Let's say the general level of 30+ creatures. This hunter rank has armor like Angel, Jaguar, Mayhem, 5B plates or better. LR 50+ range in dps.

    Mid - Middle level hunting: Oweko type strength level. players who can enjoy hunting things within the level ranges of 10-30. Hunters in this rank will have armors like viceroy or ghost and some plates to put in it. Lr-25-45 range in dps.

    Beginner - lower level hunting: This category will be for all small game hunting from level 0 to 10. Hunters in this rank will have armor similar to pixie or goblin. Lr 5-20 range in dps.

    Every month 3-4 creatures are chosen by player votes that fit each rank and these are considered the creatures with the "bounty" on their heads for that month. Every global on a bounty creature earns you 1 point for your team, globals on non bounty creatures count too but a scale of 1/3 so 3 globals to equal one from a bounty creature.

    Hunting below your rank can also earn points for your team but at a smaller scale too. A "high" level hunter going for mid level bounty creatures need to score 2 for a point and 6 on a mid level non bounty for a point awarded to their team. The same high level player going for the beginner creatures will need 3 bounty globals for a point and 9 non bounty for a point. This way you can still hunt whatever you choose but it is at least harder for higher level players to take the fun out of it for beginners. I want all ranks to feel they contribute to their team!

    This event will hopefully stimulate our economy and provide some entertainment to the players who choose to participate. I am currently working on contacts for crafters and buyers for the resources the event players will be looting. I am hoping that getting some focused attention on what is being hunted can give buyers some idea who to contact for materials and also having our buyers add their names to the thread so the players know where to sell. If all goes well we can have ourselves some fun together and hopefully get a few more gears turning for our Arkadia economy by linking more hunters and buyers together.

    I am thinking I can add miners to the fun pretty easily too. We just add bounties onto certain resources that month. I haven't come up with a solid idea to incorporate crafters earning points for their team.