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Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Spike Black

    Spike Black Active Member

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    I thought they already had, the loot on Halix has definitely been changed.

    The problem may lie with the pirates, a MS pilot may be able to move a large number of boxes but if a pirate is also able to loot them that it also means they're able to carry them and from that I'd assume anyone is able to take a mission provided they have a ship.

    Assuming that's correct if the reward is high then why spend ped randomly shooting down MS or single players when the pirates could just take the boxes themselves. If it's low then a pirate who loots a singular box due to their ships cargo carrying capability (assuming it's a sleipner) may find it's not worth the effort in fighting for them or in delivering them.

    Or we're saying this whole system is being implemented for the sake of a handful of players who own the big ships.

    The other thing is if you're transporting stacks then just put it on auction and get a "friend" to buy it at the destination rather than risking it, then you can use any ship to get between planets. Bearing mind this only applies to stackables in which case their transportation by ship will most likely end anyway as the only reason to transport them was the isolated economies.
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  2. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    This is a good point, it might mean that if a quad pirate takes down a mothership or privateer (possible with low SI) then the pirate might not be able to loot all the cargo.
  3. atomicstorm

    atomicstorm Platinum Member Platinum Member

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    Or fly at a severely reduced speed like slow boating.
  4. Dan59

    Dan59 Active Member

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    More open market and ability to sell on any planet is good.
    But thats is just one side of coin.
    All is good untill im seller only.
    In case of buying thing become hilarious.
    By buying items or resources i will be forced to fund and finance pirate rewards loot pol for space missions and lotable PvP what is exactly i dont want , silly lol.
    Auction fees shud go to MA or to general loot pol at least