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Community Groups - A way to stay in touch.

Discussion in 'Learning Centre' started by Admin, Jul 6, 2011.

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    The most effective way of keeping in touch with your friends or society members is through the use of Groups.

    Groups can be located from the main forum index, selecting the "Community" dropdown menu, and then clicking "Groups".

    You can set up a new group, or join an existing public group.

    Creating a Private Group
    To create a group, click the "Create Group" button at the top left of the groups page.
    If you want to create a group that is private (Note, Admins and Mods can see everything), then you must create a group with the following settings:

    Group Type: This should be either Moderated or Invite Only
    Group Options: Ensure that "Users must join to view the content" is checked.

    What do Moderated, Public, and Invite Only mean?

    Moderated: Any member can join a moderated group. Users must first be approved by a group leader before membership is finalized for moderated groups. This is a little like requesting to join a group, as opposed to being invited.

    Public: Any member can join public groups. This setting will make all posts and messages in the group visible to everybody, much like the forums.

    Invite Only: Users will require an invitation to join this group by the group leader before being able to post in the group.

    In all cases, if you have chosen "Users must join to view content" option, then users must first join the group to view the content.