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Cliff Faces and Hard To Climb Area's Are Arkadia DEVS Base Jumpers / Bunjie Jumpers

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by SallyBridges, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. SallyBridges

    SallyBridges Adviser Arkadia Adviser

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    I get that Arkadia is probably trying to maximise the amount of available land on the island.

    But can we have some smoother cliff faces and waterfalls that you might actually be able to climb up.

    I have though found that base jumping is quite good fun on Arkadia and now have a few great sites to perform said activity.

    1) From the Celest Military HQ right off the top of the building in to the water ( you dont die )

    2) down many of the water falls ( a couple you die as you cant reach the water )

    3) 8coins i think or where the newb starter mining mission is - a number of large cliffs that you fall down and die - mining can have a claim right on the side of a cliff as well.

    any chance of making these slightly less inclined so you dont need to get a vehicle out to try and get around them- Also the channels between the bridges can be hard to get up if you base jump off the bridges. or happen to swim up river.

    I like exloring new areas and trying to find things ;) but find it hard to get out of rivers / river chanels without having to either tp chip or revive back to some where, there are some areas you can get backup but some islands in and around celeste harbour you cant climb ( yeh i mine in wired places as well )
  2. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    Arkadia terrain is quite friendly compared to the other planets. If you do a lot of mining, I recommend getting a flying vehicle. You can also summon claims away from cliffs.

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