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Celeste Quarry Carabok bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by raffieltiger, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. raffieltiger

    raffieltiger Member

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    I like the new TP at Celeste Quarry, but I notice that the Carabok are either disappearing into the ground or "teleporting" behind you when you kill them.

    They run at you, you kill them and then they appear behind you.

    Not like the sliding across the ground you usually notice on Calypso, they appear behind you off to the right or left slightly.

    Just thought you might like to know.
  2. David | Arkadia

    David | Arkadia Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Planet Arkadia Official

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    Thanks Raff, we'll do some testing to see if we can work out what is causing it, could be something in the animations.
  3. endy

    endy Active Member Pro Users

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    That's probably because of their immensely increased speed and the lag.

    The time between your kill shot and the server registering it is enough for them to pass you, if they are running at full speed towards you.

    The client doesn't stop them when they go through you because it registers the kill shot immediately and corpses are not physicalized.

    I sometimes find corpses 5-10 meters behind me, so I don't think it's animations.
  4. Jenny ferr

    Jenny ferr Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    was going to make a thread about a similar thing, but I'll guess I can post my screens in here instead.

    no problem that they run as I use melee...(ps this is a test so I'm gonna use tt fist next run, dont think I abandoned them :p)

    As you see same as a Jori bug I reported these too can fall below the ground, and since you fixed Jori's I have no doubt you'll fix these too :)
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