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Carrying loot inventory

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Ahrotahn, May 4, 2016.

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    Hi guys, I am swunting for skills/fun. Right now I am mostly swunting Caraboks, but I may do some Halix/Gallards soon.

    I also am doing the Oratan daily missions, so I loot lots of their stuff as well. I run inventory spreadsheets as well, so I always know what I have in storage (minus what I am carrying from the day's hunt).

    [Carabok Leg Fur]
    [Carabok Hide]

    [Animal Hide]
    [Soft Hide]

    [Halix Hide]
    [Halix Tail]

    [Arkadian Hornet Hide]

    [Gallard Hide]

    [Animal Muscle Oil]
    [Animal Oil Residue]

    [Miluca Timber]

    [Tier I Component]
    [Socket i Component]
    [High Speed Control Component]

    [nova Fragment]
    [blazar fragment]

    [Basic Cloth Extractor]
    [Enhanced Cloth Extractor]
    [Advanced Stone Extractor]
    [Inferior Cloth Extractor]
    [Basic Stone Extractor]
    [Inferior Cloth Extractor]


    [Diluted Sweat]
    [Vibrant Sweat]

    [Hydrogen Steam]
    [Ospra Stones]
    [Zolphic Oil]
    [Kaz Stones]
    [Lysterium Stone]
    [Edres Resin]

    I will add to the list as I get it, and if anyone wants to see amounts, etc, I can do that too. Might even share a spreadsheet with TT value etc if needed, but I'm not like a SUPER high volume hunter since I'm skilling.

    I am also happy to go hunt stuff I can kill if you make a request. Most reasonable for now is Halix, Ark Hornets, Caraboks, Gallard, Monura. If you know other noobish stuff I can kill, let me know and as long as I can make decent returns I'll go hunt it [​IMG]