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Carabok 10k Hunt /w Stats

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Cloudz, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Cloudz

    Cloudz New Member

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    So over about 2 weeks I've been doing the 10k Carabok IFN Challenge and i decided to record stats and see what the loot was like etc. The weapon i was using was a Ozpyn Chon S1X1. All in all was very successful, stats are shown below:


    A few notable events:

    16 Ped Global during hunt 13:
    13 Ped Global during hunt 15:

    As you can see, overall the TT profit was 10.29Ped

    Total rotated = 383.85
    Total Loot = 394.14
    Total Profit = 10.29
    Return % = 102.7%
    Return % without Globals ~ 95% (Usually expected returns)

    Now taking into account the MU of Carabok hides (between 210-230%) total returns result in a profit of upwards of 40Ped... not too bad for a PUNY HUNT! I'll be doing more of these stat collecting hunts on other Arkadia mobs in the future.
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  2. Mutant Atrax Stalker

    Mutant Atrax Stalker Active Member

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    Thanks for the stats. IT's great when people share positive numbers.

    I always find it interesting where people post their numbers without large multis.
    I've never seen a post where someone says "I left out my (X) worst loots" lol :banana:

    Gz on a successful mission, and GL on the next one!

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