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Calculating crafted item prices (worksheet)

Discussion in 'Crafting' started by Neil, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. KikkiJikki

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    Auction MU values fluctuate because individuals choose to sell at prices different to the historical average.
    My view is that the recorded market history is inaccurate and misleading as it is only based on prices in auction. Some of the stuff I make hasn't been sold on auction in over a year. It's silly to make pricing decisions based on that information and so I pay little attention to it.

    People aren't paying for my bad crafting runs. I don't raise prices after a bad run. Nor do I drop them after a HOF. But both events contribute to my average cost to craft and can have a price impact in the long run.

    I think enhancers are a really good example of the market at work. Miners are choosing to sell the rare ingredients at significantly higher prices and this affects the cost to craft. Crafters are deciding whether to buy at that price or if it makes better sense to not make enhancers at that price. Those that do decide to craft the enhancers are choosing whether to sell at older prices for almost guaranteed loss or raise their selling price to allow them to sell at profit. Hunters are assessing if it is worth paying for the increased dps or if it makes sense to do without for now. Everyone making choices to arise at new consensus prices for a whole range of mats and crafted items. None of that process has anything to do with fair. Individuals make decisions about what is right for them.
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    If you think prices are too high, you can raise the PED, buy a shop, build your skills, craft it yourself and undercut the existing prices. If you're right that prices are too high, you will profit. If you were wrong, you will lose money. That's what RCE means.

    So if you think prices are too high, go prove it and make a killing.
  3. svena

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    You are 100% missing the point of this thread. Neils advice is to use his tool to figure out what your sale price should be regardless of how your run went that specific time. Knowing how to price your items is the most critical skill of a crafter and doing it right means you know you can sell for below a bad run's cost because eventually you will make up the tt loss on the next hof.
  4. Jandre Kroeze

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    Thanks for the usefull info OP♥ I am a little unhappy with the crafting loot system on Arkadia. For example. 100 Clicks ep IV, Most fails, 1 measlly globie. Hardly any res to be usefull for anything else to craft on arkadia. Then 100 Clicks ep IV, 23 Globals and one huge HOF with mostlly all res on Calypso. Painfull because I moved lock-stock-and-barrel to Planet Arkadia with all my recources, personal crafting terminal and everything is located. The regret is deep because this happens everytime I try to craft on arkadia to generate the residue for some serious item manufacturing. One hell of a discrepancy between the crafting on Caly and the crafting on arkadia. LOL are the PP of Ark communists? Kinda feels like it. If that be so, I highlly recommend you read the works by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    Will this ever get rectified? I mean the PP of Caly understand to give some kinda leeway to shopowner-crafters lootwise, but will Arkadia PP catch on to it also and realize the bennifit for virtual economic growth in the long run? I hope so.

    I have lost too much pedwise attemting to generate res with my EP IV and have given up. No more depo and ep IV on Arkadia henceforth. Adapting my gameplay and will once again, for my own gaming entertainment, spend a lot more time on Caly again. At least there my peds deposited, last longer :) Strangelly, I have noticed other EP IV crafters do as well, as I do on Caly. Which makes me think, the Mindark-Malay office bias Lootdistribution manager, clearlly has it in for me. If that be so, wrong move buttercup! Your feelings are NOT my responsibillity.

    Arkadia is a beautifull planet, no denying that, so much potential too.
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