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Buying Arkadia Appartment - Prefurable Sanc Cove

Discussion in 'Buying' started by SallyBridges, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. SallyBridges

    SallyBridges Adviser Arkadia Adviser

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    Yes I am aware that there is currently an appartment for sale in the auction but this might cause me to upset a certain active forum member ;) she knows who she is as well and so dont currently want to out bid her ;) on auction and so I am been nice and seeing if there are others available. and I am probably going to be fussy on location / area / view .

    I am looking to purchase an appartment on Arkadia - The Smuggler Base beds are getting a bit hard and I am getting a bit old and need to cuddle up to my special forces plushie ( when i am not throwing it around the room ).

    I Am looking at getting my hands on an Arkadia Appartment - I would really love to have one on Sanc Cove but these are currently limited and so will consider any other apprtments - please feel free to add me ingame or pm me here on the forum.

    Unless of course the 2nd Levels of Sanc Cove are getting released soon ;P - the preference for this is that I love the view there and I have compleated Kadra missions and 10k short of the stage 6 now I love it there and have spent almost a year hunting that area and would love to have an apartment there.

    Please ad dme so that we can discuss prices - check views - locations

    Sally Sal Bridges

    If there is also any news on when the firebase appartments might be released this would also be welcome news ;) especially one close to the hornets and the BBQ guys.
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  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy Deactivated User

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    Free bump - you are a sweatheart Sally :)
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  3. Fred Tyrebyre

    Fred Tyrebyre New Member

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    Me too!

    But of course Sally gets first dibs since this is her post (and because I don't doubt Lizzy's comment above.)

    Two Celeste Harbor (one South and one North) went on auction last month, but in both cases the buyers were bidding as if they had discovered how to grow PED trees, so I had to let them go. I think the second of the two went for 1350 PED!

    I am glad that the ACA is protecting the value of the apartments already out there by maintaining a limited amount, but perhaps its time for some new construction?!

    Good luck to you Sally; hopefully we'll be neighbors sometime later this year.
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  4. Bemo

    Bemo Deactivated User

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    Yea tired of the hunt for an apt on ark that doesnt cost my arm and left foot. :cry:
  5. Luckycharm

    Luckycharm Member

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    Nvm, sold deed on auction
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015

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