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Bulk component crafting service

Discussion in 'Services' started by Acehazbin, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Acehazbin

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    Offering to craft components you provide the materials/BP(if you would like to use your own.)
    I'm aiming for crafters that consume alot of lower materials(ie 1k+ clicks) that don't want to be bothered to craft "low" stuff when your time could be better spent.

    So how does it work? well you take all the risk my "fee" is in what i lose from lack of skill and QR on BP, BP drops and event/none crafting related items. 10% of any swirly(negotiable). I craft full quantity, craft in batches of 1k increments, and willing to export end of run reports to google docs(ie you want 100k crafted in batches of 10k ill copy the contents of each of the 10 run to google docs.)

    Avatar: Ace Acehazbin Hazbin

    Current skill level: 0 but with plans to do some repair skilling
    some BPs i have used:
    Blueprint QR CoS
    Basic Bearings 32.4 84.1%
    Basic Tube 29.4 82.5%
    Basic Wires 34.8 85.4%
    O Rings 19.7 67.9%

    I have alot more BPs but with QR of 1 and CoS 60-67%

    I don't expect many if any will make use of this service, but after looking at the Arkadian auction there can at times be no components and sitting there afk for 20k+click while you would rather play isn't ideal for some. I understand most will craft while sleeping but for the few that don't I'm here.
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