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BP's and Blueprint Books, TT

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Dab, Jun 19, 2011.

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    I think we are going to need all the generic blueprint books in the TT. You can't buy them on auction.

    As a new player I have BP's that I can't use since they are not in a book. Bought a simple I plastic springs BP because it only uses muscle oil and eye oil but can't use it.

    I suggest (when you put Arkadia specific armor plates in) making a BP for a paper thin (L) armor plate available in the technician - maybe 2 impact protection. Armor and plates are considered the same field I believe, but a cheap (L) plate BP to skill on would be nice.

    As a newbie on Arkadia I should be able to start my crafting career in any field without having to buy BP's from other planets or other players.

    The weapon amp blueprints should say in the decription if the product is a BLP amp or a Laser amp. Until you can get MA to do the next thing on my list.

    ---All BP's which produce items should have a link to the item so you can see what the item produces.

    Add BP's that use paints.

    Also, why no coloring device in the TT? They removed it a long time ago as far as I know, but is there a reason to not put a limited, low TT value colorator and bleacher back into the TT?