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BluePrints of any kind

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Max EJ, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Selling all my Blueprints.
    Minumun price for a BP is tt+1
    Send me PM or here or in game please.


    Berserker Arm Guards blueprint
    Berserker Face Guard blueprint
    Berserker Gloves Blueprint
    Berserker Harness Blueprint
    Berserker Shin Guards blueprint
    Berserker Thigh Guards blueprint
    BodyGuard Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Arm Guards blueprint
    BodyGuard Face Guard (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Face Guard blueprint
    BodyGuard Foot Guards (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Gloves (L) blueprint - QR 13
    BodyGuard Gloves Blueprint
    BodyGuard Harness (L) blueprint
    BodyGuard Harness Blueprint
    BodyGuard Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Shin Guards blueprint
    BodyGuard Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Thigh Guards blueprint
    Canis Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    Dragon Harness Blueprint
    Dragon Shin Guards blueprint
    Expedition Arm Guards blueprint
    Expedition Harness blueprint
    Expedition Shin Guards blueprint
    Expedition Thigh Guards blueprint
    Explorer Arm Guards blueprint
    Explorer Face Guard blueprint
    Explorer Gloves Blueprint
    Explorer Harness Blueprint
    Explorer Shin Guards blueprint
    Explorer Thigh Guards blueprint
    Extended Bolt Carriage Blueprint
    Guardian Arm Guards blueprint
    Guardian Face Guard blueprint - QR 23
    Guardian Gloves Blueprint
    Guardian Harness Blueprint
    Guardian Shin Guards blueprint
    Guardian Thigh Guards blueprint
    Pioneer Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    Pioneer Face Guard (L) Blueprint
    Pioneer Face Guard blueprint 13
    Pioneer Foot Guards (L) Blueprint
    Pioneer Gloves (L) blueprint - QR 28
    Pioneer gloves blueprint
    Pioneer Harness (L) blueprint - QR 10
    Pioneer harness blueprint
    Pioneer Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    Pioneer Shin Guards blueprint - QR 54
    Pioneer Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint
    Pioneer Thigh Guards blueprint
    Rascal Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    Rascal Face Guard (L) Blueprint
    Rascal Foot Guards (L) Blueprint
    Rascal Gloves (L) blueprint - QR 17
    Rascal harness (L) blueprint - QR 11
    Rascal Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    Rascal Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint
    Renegade Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    Renegade Arm Guards blueprint
    Renegade Face Guard (L) Blueprint - QR 32
    Renegade Face Guard blueprint
    Renegade Gloves (L) blueprint
    Renegade gloves blueprint
    Renegade Harness (L) blueprint
    Renegade harness blueprint
    Renegade Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    Renegade Shin Guards blueprint
    Renegade Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint
    Renegade Thigh Guards blueprint
    Samurai Arm Guards blueprint
    Samurai Face Guard blueprint
    Samurai harness blueprint
    Samurai Shin Guards blueprint - QR 23
    Samurai Thigh Guards blueprint
    Settler Arm Guards blueprint
    Settler Harness blueprint
    Settler shin guards blueprint - QR 47
    Settler Thigh Guards blueprint
    Trooper harness blueprint
    Trooper Shin Guards blueprint
    Valiant Arm Guards blueprint
    Valiant Face Guard blueprint
    Valiant Gloves Blueprint
    Valiant harness blueprint
    Valiant Shin Guards blueprint
    Vindicator Arm Guards blueprint
    Vindicator Face Guard blueprint
    Vindicator gloves blueprint
    Vindicator harness blueprint
    Vindicator Shin Guards blueprint
    Vindicator Thigh Guards blueprint
    Warrior Arm Guards blueprint
    Warrior Face Guard blueprint
    Warrior gloves blueprint
    Warrior harness blueprint
    Warrior Shin Guards blueprint
    Warrior Thigh Guards blueprint
    Zombie Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    Zombie Face Guard (L) Blueprint
    Zombie Gloves (L) Blueprint
    Zombie Harness (L) Blueprint
    Zombie Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    Zombie Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint


    Armor Defense Enhancer I Blueprint - QR 10
    Medical Tool Economy Enhancer III Blueprint
    Mining Excavator Speed Enhancer I Blueprint
    Mining Finder Skill Modification Enhancer I Blueprint
    Mining Finder Skill Modification Enhancer III Blueprint
    Weapon Accuracy Enhancer I Blueprint
    Weapon Accuracy Enhancer II Blueprint
    Weapon Accuracy Enhancer III Blueprint
    Weapon Range Enhancer I Blueprint
    Weapon Range Enhancer V Blueprint
    Weapon Skill Modification Enhancer I Blueprint


    Argonaut Leather Texture Blueprint
    Arkace Texture Blueprint
    Armax Leather Texture Blueprint
    Belkar Texture Blueprint
    Bigwig Texture Blueprint
    Blausariam Texture Blueprint
    Carabok Texture Blueprint
    Castar Laser Sight blueprint
    Cbase Plastic Texture Blueprint
    Brukite Stone Texture Blueprint
    Burlap Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Coarse Frieze Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Coarse Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Cornundos Leather Texture Blueprint
    Cumbriz Texture Blueprint
    Daikiba Leather Texture Blueprint
    Denim Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Evenweave Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Exarosaur Leather Texture Blueprint
    Faucervix Leather Texture Blueprint
    Feedback Coupling Blueprint
    Felt Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Fine Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Fine Leather Texture Blueprint
    Fine Silk Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Firn Texture Blueprint
    Flannel Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Foul Leather Texture Blueprint
    Frigulite Texture Blueprint
    Ganganite Texture Blueprint
    Hessian Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Himi Texture Blueprint
    Kaldon Stone Texture Blueprint
    Large Woven Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Megan Texture Blueprint
    Mermoth Leather Texture Blueprint
    Midastree Texture Blueprint
    Miluca Texture Blueprint
    Mourner Leather Texture Blueprint
    Narcanisum Texture Blueprint
    Nissit Stone Texture Blueprint
    Ostelok Texture Blueprint
    Oxidized Aluminium Texture Blueprint
    Oxidized Lysterium Texture Blueprint
    Ribbed Velvet Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Rough Metal Texture Blueprint
    Rutol Stone Texture Blueprint
    Sabakuma Leather Texture Blueprint
    Satin Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Snablesnot Leather Texture Blueprint
    Snarksnot Leather Texture Blueprint
    Soft Leather Texture Blueprint
    Sopur Stone Texture Blueprint
    Striped Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Suede Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Tantardion Leather Texture Blueprint
    Thermodure Plastic Texture Blueprint
    Tight Knitted Wool Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Trutun Stone Texture Blueprint
    Veda Texture Blueprint
    Velvet Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Wrinkled Felt Fabric Texture Blueprint


    Abrer Laser Sight blueprint
    Alekz Precision Scope blueprint
    Beacin Laser Sight blueprint
    Bjornir Precision Scope blueprint
    Dacascos Precision Scope blueprint
    Elkarr Precision Scope blueprint
    Grender Precision Scope blueprint
    Ecivox Laser Sight blueprint
    Framur Laser Sight blueprint
    Gargul Laser Sight blueprint
    Hunnir Laser Sight blueprint
    E-Amp 11 blueprint
    E-Amp 13 blueprint
    E-Amp 14 blueprint
    E-Amp 15 blueprint


    ACA/AS Civilian Uniform Desert Singlet Blueprint
    ACA/AS Civilian Uniform Jungle Cap Blueprint
    ACA/AS Civilian Uniform Jungle Singlet Blueprint
    Basic Pattern Pants Blueprint
    Basic Pattern Shirt Blueprint
    Blueprint (L)- Tropical Shades - 50 Attempts left
    Dino Shoes Blueprint
    Flame Pattern Shirt Blueprint
    Luna pattern pants blueprint
    Luna pattern shirt blueprint
    Make Up Mask (L) -medium Blueprint (L) - 31 Attempts left
    Mannell shoes blueprint
    Nifty pattern pants blueprint
    Rage pants blueprint
    Street pattern shirt blueprint
    Urban pattern pants blueprint
    Trailblazer Boots Blueprint


    Arkadian Key 1 Blueprint
    Arkadian Key 2 Blueprint
    Arkadian Key 3 Blueprint
    Finder F-101 Blueprint
    GYRO Combat FAP-6 (L) Blueprint (L) - 95 Attempts left
    GYRO FAP-10 (L) Blueprint
    GYRO FAP-2 (L) Blueprint - QR 39
    Level 1 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint
    Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint
    Transformer T-105 Blueprint
    Vivo T10 (L) blueprint
    Ziplex Z10 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex Z15 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    LifeScanner-IV blueprint
    Resource Extractor RE-102 blueprint
    Rock Ripper 2 (L) Blueprint (L) - 63 Attempts left
    TerraMaster 1 (L) Blueprint

    Components & Materials:

    Basic Servo blueprint
    Adaptor Blueprint
    Alloy Hinge Blueprint
    Alloy Plate Blueprint
    Basic Bearings blueprint
    Basic Coil blueprint
    Basic Engine blueprint
    Basic Filters blueprint - QR 58
    Basic Nuts Blueprint
    Basic Power System blueprint
    Basic Processor blueprint
    Basic Pump blueprint - QR 26
    Basic Relays blueprint
    Basic Rings blueprint
    Basic Screws blueprint
    Basic Sensor blueprint - QR 77
    Basic Structure blueprint
    Basic Tube blueprint
    Basic Wires blueprint
    Energy Chamber Blueprint
    Extended Breech Blueprint
    Flash Suppressor Blueprint
    Focusing Lens Blueprint
    Fuel Cells Blueprint
    Galaxy SI Ion Conductors blueprint
    Galaxy SII Ion Conductors blueprint
    Galaxy SIII Ion Conductors blueprint
    Gas Module Blueprint
    GEC Spur Gears 1K blueprint
    GEC Spur Gears 2K blueprint
    GeoTrek Super Alloy Buttstock blueprint
    Gimbals Blueprint - QR 26
    Hardened Metal Mountings blueprint
    Hardened Metal Plating blueprint
    Hardened Metal Ruds blueprint
    High grade Wedge blueprint
    Insulators Blueprint
    Intensity Amplifier Blueprint
    Long Screws Blueprint
    Metal Mountings blueprint
    Metal Plating blueprint
    Metal Ruds blueprint
    Poly-Alloy Strap Blueprint
    Polymer Rail Blueprint
    Power Regulator Blueprint
    Projector Housing Blueprint
    Propellant Booster Blueprint
    Propellant Supercharger Blueprint
    Recoil Stabiliser Blueprint
    Rubber Lists Blueprint
    Simple I Plastic Ruds blueprint - QR 16
    Simple II Conductors blueprint
    Standard Hinge blueprint
    Standard Intelligence Module blueprint
    Standard Magnets Blueprint
    Standard Matrix blueprint
    Standard Rod blueprint
    Standard VisioMem blueprint
    Steering Rod Blueprint
    Stimulation Modulator Blueprint
    Super Alloy Plating blueprint
    Super Alloy Ruds blueprint
    Tension Straps Blueprint
    Weak Magnets Blueprint
    Weld filament Blueprint
    Solar 6V Gel Batteries blueprint


    ClericDagger 2B blueprint
    GeoTrek AL15 Taurus (L) blueprint
    GeoTrek H21 Scrof (L) blueprint
    Herman ARK-10 (L) Blueprint - QR 20
    Jester D-1 blueprint - QR 38
    Jester D-2 blueprint
    Loughlin Cutter One (L) blueprint
    Loughlin Cutter Three (L) blueprint
    Loughlin Scratcher One (L) blueprint
    Loughlin Smacker One (L) blueprint
    MAKO FAL-1 (L) Blueprint
    Mann MPH blueprint
    Rutic Slo (L) blueprint
    True Faith blueprint


    Coffee Table Blueprint
    Corner Retail Counter Blueprint
    Dining Table Blueprint
    Niko Ceiling Lamp Blueprint
    Oiled Corria Board Blueprint
    Pall Stool blueprint
    Retail Counter 1.8 Blueprint
    Retail Counter 2.4 Blueprint
    Retail Partition High Blueprint


    Chair Frame Blueprint
    Combustor Blueprint - QR 37
    Disc Brake Blueprint
    Drive Shaft Blueprint
    Lamp Attachments Blueprint
    Radiator Blueprint


    Blueprint - Elysian Power Sphere - 50 Attempts left
    Blueprint (L)- Miranda Violet - 50 Attempts left
    Creative Juice Blueprint
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