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Blueprint Reserve

Discussion in 'Services' started by happy_hipster, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. sholle

    sholle Active Member

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    Heya Hipster,
    you guys are doing grate service here,

    I just rent from Hipster Blueprint, and imagine what! I got my first global ever on crafting :)

    All recommendations,
  2. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    new forum has screwed everything up. will take it off site and fix er up. Sry about arkadia forums, I thought it could work, but it wont
  3. mastermesh

    mastermesh Active Member

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    Is this thing still working? Links here are not working, and the google doc on pcf link appears to be down, or at least blank on all tabs except for the member one that only shows about 4 people. Contemplating doing something similar or joining forces, but not sure yet.... the wide open universal auctions coming in December probably will make this kind of thing obsolete on some scale as bp selling will be easier planet to planet, but on the other hand, shared bps that go up in qr is still something the community probably needs/wants? I'm a bit reluctant to loan out bps, but I suppose if collateral is high enough, it might be doable... but only if I do like one bp at a time, not multiples... I used to own a huge bp shop a few years back and did consignment deals, and that was confusing as hell since I had too many things going on with too many other avatars. This type of thing can work if you don't go overboard on how many things you are trying to do at the same time with multiple folks.
  4. Snape

    Snape Master of the BanHammer Staff Member PAF Administrator

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    Well, I fixed the table for HH in the OP...Which links are you referring to that are broken though? Internal PAF links will be till they are fixed but external ones should be fine.
  5. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Sorry, all, the info and links here are now outdated and inaccurate, I am moving to Googledocs, will post a link soon
  6. Ahrotahn

    Ahrotahn Member

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    Hipster is Da Man. Rather than wasting my own hard-earned PEDs on leveling, I got with Hipster to help me with both high and low level textures. First run, even with low QR on a couple we made a profit.

    Can't recommend this service more!

    Thanks Hipster, See you soon.
  7. Tyrionnn ImpnAintEasy

    Tyrionnn ImpnAintEasy Member

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    [Globals]: Tyrionnn ImpnAintEasy Lanisterrr manufactured an item (Weapon Damage Enhancer IV) worth 223 PED!

    Tyvm for the loan of a BP I have been trying to find for a quite some time. This was a nice bonus!!! Totally worth a rush trip to Arkadia for it :p
    • Gratz! Gratz! x 1
  8. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    In and out atm. Lets see what I can make...
  9. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Outdated site, for referance!

    please click below here-->>Blueprint Library
    UL only pls

    Offering a reserve of Blueprints for loan, to consolidate and combine the QR increases.
    Please contact me in the game if you need a UL blueprint or have one to share, and we can get together about sharing it.

    All Info on this post is for Archive and Feedback,
    I have moved the actual charts to Google Docs
    sorry about all the inconvenience

    Featured BlueprintsQRDeposit
    Weld Filiment43.780ped
    Mako Fal 2-200ped
    Herman ASI-114.3300ped
    Herman ASI-7 Desert (Lazik)11400ped?
    Bullseye 5-600ped
    Roadie Amp18.9150ped
    Athena I Finder Amp-400ped
    Terra Amp17.750ped
    Propellant Booster-13ped
    Hotfoot 5-8ped
    Hotfoot 15-1500ped
    Pulsar Plate 3--
    Pulsar Plate 8--
    Gallard Texture33600ped
    Top QR Blueprints <--click this to see our highest QR BP's

    Arkadian BooksCaly BooksCaly Books
    Arkadian Componants
    Arkadian Textures
    Arkadian Tools
    Arkadian Weapons
    Arkadian Furniture
    Arkadian Armor
    Arkadian Attachments
    Arkadian Tailoring
    Componants I
    Componants II
    Armor I
    Armor II
    Tools I
    Tools II
    Weapons I
    Weapons II
    Weapons III

    Why use the reserve?

    There is a multitude of BP's, and it will cost you alot of ped to collect them all. Then you have to spend an extreme amount to increase their QR to a reasonable level. This is an effort to combine our efforts and benifit us all! Have a BP gathering dust? Loan it to us, maybe someone will help you with it's QR.

    Would like a deposit on the blueprint based on the highest MU*3. So if the bp mu is 6ped , then the deposit would be 18ped. I need to ensure the BP stays in the reserve.
    Deposit will be returned when the BP is.
    All bp donations and tips from globals/hofs are welcome.

    Loan Duration
    We have Bp's, you have ped. Lets keep it that way.
    We are loaning these blueprints under the assumption they will be returned.
    The deposit is supposed to ensure it.
    We also understand that some 1000 click crafts can take some time.
    But if we loan you a bp, it is not to hold, it is to use and return.
    If a bp is loaned and not returned within 24hrs, I will assume it being lost or stolen,
    forfeit your deposit, and seek to replace it.

    This, ofc, is on a case by case basis.
    I understand crashes and RL situations.

    Low Level BP's For Skilling:
    Compiling a list of Bp's we hold that are perfect for skilling or looting more bp's.


    Will buy BP's that the reserve is lacking at a resonable price.
    Will pay at least a ped for any bp not in the reserve. Check the BP's we have by book below.
    Plans for offering (L) bp for sale at a per click fee at MU.

    Interested in discounts, investment, or crafting supply? Become a Reservist today!
    Don't just use the reserve to use a higher QR bp, use it to increase the QR of the prints in the reserve.
    Or, use the reserve to increase the QR of your bp!

    Need a BP?
    Will try and locate any BP for you for a BP not in the library of equal or greater value!

    Need someone to craft for you?
    I craft for skills, you supply the materials, you reap the results!

    Contact me in game:
    Jack Hipster Kimble

    NEW! Offered Bp's
    players who have liked the service so much, they want to add their bp's to the list!Please respond to this post with questions and comments and I will adjust it accordingly.

    Calypso Forum Mirror Post
    PE BP List