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Beauty mats?

Discussion in 'Avatar Beauty' started by Zunami, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Cly

    Cly Active Member

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    Beauty Mats

    Okay, I am going to go out on a limb here a bit...

    I would like to skill up in these areas.
    I have all the tools.

    I do not have an endless bucket of PED to spend on ONLY this though.
    I have no ideas how much quantity you guys are collecting of these things either.

    But I would like to help you and Arkadia in general as well if I can.

    So: if you have Beauty Mats that you intend to TT, you are hereby invited to instead PM me here or add me in game and message me there instead... If I have the funds I will see if I can take things off your hands. If the quantities are okay, I can even offer a little bit of markup on them too.

    All the best out there.
  2. Yquem

    Yquem Active Member Pro Users

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    I have just added all my beauty stuff to my shop CN3 - take a look and see if you need any
  3. Lucky_A

    Lucky_A Member

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    I appreciate your offer to help but, dont get me wrong - TT buyers I can find at any given time on any planet ;)

    For starters, make me an offer via PM on this batch if you want and we'll see if we can go from there.