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ATH Miner for hire!

Discussion in 'Mining' started by nico3191, Mar 8, 2017.

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    Hello guys!

    My name is Nicolas Squall Lionheart and I am ATH #67 I believe.
    Here's why I am posting:
    When I hit it, I withdrew because I had some financial problems IRL, and now I have returned and haven't got PED to mine.

    What I am offering: my services, my experience and my skills if anybody wants to finance my mining.
    I have been in game for years, so I have no intention to steal anything, and I am an all-rounder (planet and indoor mining).

    In the past I had a financer: this person provided amps-bombs-gear, and I mined like crazy for him. Everything I got went to him as long as no profit was made. When profit came, i paid all my negative (what I owed) and then the profit was split 60(him)-40(me).

    Are you interested? I love the game and want to get another ATH. I've had 5 towers in total, so I know I can.
    What do I get out of this? Skills and hopefully a small profit.
    You? Well, you can tell me what to mine, where and how... so you can test results based on my skills, knowing my avatar can HOF big. Also you will lose 0 ped long term AND profit.

    Thanks for reading and hope you will help me keep my dream alive!
    Let's ubber [​IMG]