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Discussion in 'vBCms Comments' started by ArkadiaBot, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Neil

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    Thanks for the event, it was a lot more fun in the fort setting with triggered waves and rings and bombardments... better than the caly events where you just get random constant spawning over an area. I spent most of my time at the courageous spawn and I think that was the best setting because the oratan coming up the hills to storm the fort seemed more lifelike. Also appreciated seeing the Lancers... whenever the lancers appeared, you could hear the shooting increase in volume... I'm sure they were the favorite mob, mostly because of their rarity outside of the event.

    Overall, good job. I don't think anyone expected this many players (this was the first event of its type on Ark), so some important lessons learned about server load for events.

    BTW to those who were having problems with DCs, before events, log out at a remote outpost so you don't have to try and log in where it's busy. Also, repair your installation/clear shader cache and run on low/don't watch netflix until you see what the lag is like. In this kind of event there will always be more DCs and some players won't be able to get in, but if you can do something to minimize them, it's worth trying.
  2. lockside

    lockside New Member

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    Was a good event :) Please next time add some nice items on loot ;) 4h of war is better with some reward to loot ^^
  3. May

    May Active Member

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    Thanks for the fun event, I had a good time. I especially liked that throughout the storyline was being followed.
    For lower level players the loot was fine, though I can imagine that some higher level players were expecting better item drops and a boss. But that might be planned in the following events?

    And for those next times, there are a few points that could be looked at?
    - Overloaded servers: for the start-point perhaps choose a naturally less crowded location?
    MA has the ability to send a global message in chat; I don't know if PP can do the same, but if so, it could also be used to warn people if the event is going to be delayed, where people should go, and other event announcements.

    - Information for the late comers. How about after the official leaves the starting point, there is a sign left in his place (like the shop or advertising sign). Just letting people know the event has started and where to go. Like for yesterday: the Oratans are attacking the Fire Bases. I saw a lot of people wandering around asking: "Where is the event/Oratan?" and "Has the event started or not?".

    - The term 'IFN personnel' had most people expecting officials. Meaning avatars with a star over their head, and colored text in chat.
    I don't know if they were present at the start, but after, the event was run by normal avatars, and they did an absolutely fine job (the healing was a really nice touch).
    But for a lot of people this was a point of confusion. Especially when you're urged to step in a wormhole. Which was a nice help, but unfortunately there have been examples of individuals who would abuse the situation, and transport people to lootable PvP. I heard various people say: "They aren't official avatars, so don't trust them"
    Something to distinguish them might be handy: like for the Arkadian Advisers, with their AA vests. Give event helpers a special piece of clothing (vest/hat/etc) that has been pointed out in the event announcement, so participants know who to trust and listen to.

    I also had a lot of Ctd's, but since server (and loot) issues are MA's responsibility, it's probably not useful to question it here.
    Too bad that MA somehow always manages to have a competing event on Calypso whenever a PP starts or organizes something. But that is also something that's quite likely completely useless to discuss.

    Overall it can be called a successful event: I have never seen so many people on Arkadia before.
    I was so busy shooting Oratans, that I even forgot to make action screenshots for the 'Arkadia Image Festival'.
    That surely is a good sign, amusement level: high!
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  4. Jenny ferr

    Jenny ferr Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    video from the event, if you missed it

  5. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Was a very fun event once it kicked off. To bad MA server fucked the entire planet. They don't have these problems at Caly events that's for sure.

    Nice vid Jenn... you seem squishy though for all that hunting you do 8=}} Wish everyone would record at that quality.

    A team did a nice test run and hopefully a few lessons were learned. I had problems at first figuring who was leading the battles as did many it seems. Maybe have a "Command" ship to watch over the battle and a more official looking avatar in a special uniform or armor to distinguish our fearless leaders.

    All in all seems inhabitants had a good fight and liked what was presented so far for the most part. Few tweeks and changes will do it good for sure and will make it even better the next time.
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