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Armor Plates UL for Arkadia!

Discussion in 'Services' started by Forgo, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Forgo

    Forgo Member

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    I can make the following armor plates:

    1a: 4 imp, 1 pen, 1 brn
    1b: 3 pen, 2 brn
    2a: 3 cut, 5 imp, 1 brn
    3b: 2 imp, 8 pen, 3 brn
    4a: 2 stb, 5 cut, 6 imp, 4 acd
    6a: 11 pen, 12 brn

    and limited plates as I get bps/mats...

    I will be listing one set of each 2a,3b,4a,6a per week on auction, more if warranted.

    If you would like to place an order please contact me, there is the possibility of delivery of other items in the future as well.

    Thank you and GL!
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  2. Cyborg Bill

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    GL with the new buisness. Those plates will make decent starter complments to the adj pixie thats starting to show up more and more as people graduate. I just did an allo event on Caly with the adj pixe and 6b plates and rarely needed to heal. Only died 4 times to massive crits from stalkers.

    The 6a should be popular with the Oratan hunters here on Arkadia