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Suggestion Arkoin brokers suggestions

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Few Scars, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Few Scars

    Few Scars Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Arkadia Adviser

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    Hi Dave/Cyrus/Chris

    I just listened to the interview with Dave. We can see how the item balance with the brokers and flooding items in game would be a problem and working out how many of each to release is crucial.

    What I want to stress is the local ingame economy is directly linked to Market Value of items and their rarity. For example a Smuggler 505 is rare, there is only one, so the Market value is determined by one player and its comparitive stats to similar items.
    Arkadian clothing BPs were made ridiculously too common. So much so, most Arkadian clothing items barely get a +1Ped markup as so many players have the BPs, craft, flood the market and undercut each other. There is little incentive to craft something that costs more to put on auction than to deposit in the trade terminal. If you look at Calypso clothing BPs, most are rare, maybe 10 of each, some lost to inactive players, hence the items can maintain some Market value and incentive to craft. Eg Master Coats, a couple of BPs, coats cost +500Ped each. I have a Leaf Beret BP for example, I craft for rare BPs, I TT the berets I make, occasionally selling one or two.

    Many crafters are forced to TT any BPs they get in hope of maintaining some market share without killing the market value of their items.

    Thus, I think that keeping the BPs you release rare is important to the ingame economics. I agree some items and BPs should be common, but not everything!. Hence the Arkadian clothing industry has little incentive to prosper as the market is flooded. I would suggest freezing all clothing BPs for a few years now, until they slowly filter out. It was good to see that the breaks were put on furniture BPs, nice to see that Pergolas, BBQs etc are maintaining value as there are only a couple of BPs in game.

    Anyway, back to Arkoin brokers. Please be very careful with the number of items available in the brokers so not to flood the market, being mindful of the Arkoin pricetag you place on the items. If for example you put an item of new Arkadian clothing in the Broker. Keep it to say 50. There are barely 3000-5000 active players in the game so we don't need to go crazy. Weapons, if you say put a RAW-505 in the broker, keep only 5 and price them appropriately. Rarity keeps the value of items in game and thus the economy.

    Lessons can be learned from making to many items available. Recall when over 100 ES500s were dropped one day. These items had fetched near 7KPed each at one point, then had fallen to 2KPed each, then after 100 dropped, they have barely any resale value. That wasnt helped by the skill scanning profession being nerfed by MindArk.

    Players spend a lot of money in this game and hate to see their investments lose value from either player stupidity or from balancing hiccups/system nerfs.

    I am sure others will agree, limiting the number of items available in Arkoin brokers is important to the balance of the game and for Blueprints and crafting.

    If Arkadian items weapons/armour/clothes/furniture etc are to keep any Market value they need to be kept controlled. Also suggest some UL vehicles in the Arkoin broker like they do on Calypso with the CDF Vehicles. (But please price based on other UL vehicles)

  2. Cly

    Cly Active Member

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    I disagree with some of this.

    If the item is available for sale with a price tag set by the game designer, then anyone should be able to meet that price and get an item.
    No limit.
    Otherwise you stand to kill your Arkoin economy entirely as soon as the 5 you propose as a limit are sold out.

    If you'd like to consider installing some sort of flow limit, consider having it that the limit is "per week" or "per month" or something.
    IE: no more than say 1 of a given rare item can be released from the broker in a week.

    That does 2 things: if there is demand for an item, it creates markup, but it also limits the numbers available to 52/year...
    But it also continues to allow that for someone who has gone to the effort to collect a million coins, they will eventually be able to trade theirs in for what they want.

    EDIT: As a thought on "flooding the market", you might want to consider adding another criteria in that each person can only redeem a given item once.

    EDIT2: It is implied, but not outright stated, that the Arkoin Brokers may have entirely different item options over time... Assuming I've understood that correctly, then limited numbers of a specific item might be less of a problem potentially since they do not result in "nothing left to buy".

    Naturally, someone has to have the job of trying to figure out when to put new stock of various items into the brokers though. Bags NOT having that job :)
  3. Milesio

    Milesio Platinum Member Platinum Member

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    I think about arkoin brokers do not have limit in amount of items. If you need Arkoin for have the item, someone will have to enter underground city for loot arkoin and burn a lot decay with gun, and fap, and armor, and waste a lot ammo. This is good for Arkadia planet. If items selling in arkoin brokers are good, arkoin will have more market value. This is good for people farming chest in arkadian cityes.
  4. KikkiJikki

    KikkiJikki Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    We know from previous dev feedback that having no limit on the number of items was a showstopper from MA's point of view. With an item limit there is a good chance that the available stuff will actually be worth having. So not only is this limit necessary, it's desirable.

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