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Arkadian Tool BP's (almost full book)

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Gewitter, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Gewitter

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    For sale almost full book with BP's of Arkadian Tools.

    Missed 5 BP's:
    - Arkadian Golden Key UL
    - GYRO Combat FAP-50
    - GYRO Combat FAP-60
    - GYRO FAP-60
    - GYRO FAP-65

    PS Rippers and refiners are unavailable and was never discovered.

    Picture of full book (with QR) - entropia.club/ArkTools.jpg (this is url, forum do not give me possibilities to add this picture (over 1Mb) to my post, therefore please copy url to browser manually)

    Fix Price 10.000 PED or 175 AUD.
    Please do not make item offers, items would not be accepted.

    BP's are not for sale separately (only whole book!)
    First come - first served.

    Have a nice day

    PS Below is low-quality picture, for high quality use link above:


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