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Arkadian Alliance - Go Swirl Yourself Monthly Competition

Discussion in 'Songkra Valley' started by atomicstorm, Apr 10, 2017.

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    "It's been 3 years since I had Songkra Valley. This month, we will offer a bigger top prize, in celebration of the 3rd year anniversary. I know that we will have a few events in the month of April, but I hope you will drop by and compete. Not only are you competing for the top prize but you get kick backs for every 50 globals, and every HOF on SV/KC yields 50 cents to the Nashville Humane Assocation." - Atomicstorm

    New Event Details

    From January 1st 2017, the new event cycle will be run monthly, in conjunction with Starkiller’s LA
    The format will be similar to that used in Merry Mayhem
    Some rules and prizes have been tweaked based on player feedback

    Frequency: This competition will be held calendar monthly

    Location: Planet Arkadia

    Songkra Valley [32488, 26149, 159] - Previously Known as Arkadia Land Area 6
    Khorum Coast [9115, 27387, 105] - Previously Known as Arkadia Land Area 3
    Sentosa's Reach [14845, 32276, 144] – Previously Known as Arkadia Land Area 4


    Prizes for this event are as follows and prizes may be increased depending on activity and sponsorships.

    1st Place – 1000 PED
    2nd Place – Adjusted Restoration Chip
    3rd Place – 500 PED
    4th Place through 10th Place – 100 PED

    Grinder Kickback Prizes (NEW)

    Whether you make it into the prize rankings, you will receive the following based on your activity in the month:

    Every 50 globals = 1 Arkadia Underground Deed (or PED Equivalent)

    Note: Prizes are intended to be more valuable for 2nd place to encourage using strategy instead of raw power.

    How to Participate

    Just hunt on any of the participating land areas (see above) on Arkadia from April 1st through April 30th. No registration is necessary.

    How to Score

    Your base score will consist of your top 12 globals and HOFs between 50 and 399 averaged. (Add them up and divide by 12)
    This allows you to improve your score the longer you hunt.

    How to Qualify

    Only a total of 12 globals NEW! are required to qualify.

    You can view your top 12 globals and bonus points awarded at any time on the leaderboard @ www.tiny.cc/svboard

    At present the leaderboard will update daily between 00:00-03:00 server time. We hope to increase the update frequency in the future.

    How to Win Bonus Points

    Additional points can be added to your base score on a daily basis as follows:

    From your hunting:

    Every global or HOF between 400 and 999: +3 points
    Every HOF 1000 to 1999peds: +5 points
    Every HOF 2000ped or greater: +10 points

    From being the best every day:

    HSL (Highest Single Loot) of the day from the combined LAs: +0.25% bonus on the base score

    From being the best of the month:

    At the end of the month, the highest single loot (HSL) on each Land Area will be awarded a +5.0% base score bonus.

    From being lucky:

    This is the ONLY bonus award in which the mining profession can be used.

    In addition to these awards, looting a rare item will net you +1 bonus point, without limit.

    Examples include Piron UL, Gravis UL, mining sootos that trigger a HOF (swords, armor, modified nanites - but not jars, maps, paintings).

    * If any rare item is not accompanied by a global or HOF then a screenshot will be required that clearly shows the time, date and an indication of which land area because rare item HOFs do not have land area identifiers on them.


    For fairness (parity), some mobs may have multiplier adjustments to their global values to make both land areas equal, based on cost to kill. They are as follows:

    Trophy Mobs

    * Mutated Nusul - 167% (Changed)
    * Ubo - 200%

    Khorum Coast

    * Mutated Hadraada - 125% (Changed)
    * Mutated Zadul - 125% (Changed)

    Songkra Valley

    * Mutated Beladoth – No Multiplier
    * Mutated Otorugi – No Multiplier

    Sentosa's Reach

    * Mutated Madana – No Multiplier

    Each mob is weighted based on their average cost to kill so that no land area has an advantage over another and thus is open to all types of players, from the less seasoned (Khorum Coast/Sentosa's Reach) to the mid-level and up (Songkra Valley).

    Grinding Down Your Score

    To promote strategy with the lower globals, it is possible to reduce your score by the following actions.

    You can purchase specially marked up synthetic mind essence from the Songkra Valley TP [32488, 26149, 159] for 20ped to start your grind-down period.
    It will last until you buy a marked up nanocube from the same TP for 5ped or when the month ends, whichever is earliest.

    • 2% from all your globals (from 50-399 only) will be removed from your score.
    • Globals from 50ped to 399ped during this time will not count towards your average.
    • Global/HOF values 400ped and above will still give you bonus points.

    All peds gained from the purchase of the SME and nanocube for this feature will be donated 100% to the Nashville Humane Association. This is a charity that is dear to my heart. You may freely purchase these items together, even if you have no intention of activating this feature. Receipts of the donation will be provided.

    I will donate 50 cents for every HOF on Songkra Valley and Khorum Coast to this organization.

    Additional Rules and Considerations

    • Teams are not permitted. However, you can use a fapper outside of team.
    • Owners of the participating land area may hunt on either land area but cannot win any prizes.
    • Sponsors can participate but cannot win their prize back. In the event that this occurs, the prize will be given to 11th place, 12th place, and so on.

    Change List for April

    • Mutated Nusul have stopped breeding and are lowering in number.
    • Mutated Hadraada and Mutated Zadul have their multipliers decreased from 130% to 125%
    • Bonus points for HOFs have changed
    • Increased the total number of globals to qualify from 8 to 12 (for this event)
    • Added new grind-down rules
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    April 18th results will be updated tomorrow along with april 19th due to power loss.