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Weapons Arkadia weapons re-balance

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by cute781217, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. cute781217

    cute781217 Active Member Pro Users

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    It still sounds unreasonable to me. Especially when I comparing newly looted/crafted calypso weapons with Herman series, it makes me feel there's something wrong here. I don't have much time for EU lately, but when I am comparing what weapons suits me best I can't find a reason to use arkadia weapons other than supporting my favorite planet.

    I will put some example here, not to complaining but to put some truth out and hope A-team can do some possible change to make Arkadia weapons worth to buy again.

    View attachment 6366

    Leonis requirement level 25~30
    ARK-30 requirement level 27~32

    So I think they are about the same level gun, but you can see from the stats, Leonis has far lower decay than ARK-30 and silently better range. The markup inserted here are taken from Weekly markup. So I can't find a reason to buy ARK-30 anyway.

    View attachment 6367
    LP34 requires 34~39
    ARK-30 D requires 34~39
    Spirit Mk1 requires 30~35
    SPirit MK2 requires 35~40

    Only Ark-30 D and LP34 is crafted, Spirit Mk1 and Mk2 is crafted, but again you can see from the picture, these 3 new weapons has lower decay than Arkadia weapons again that means these new weapons can be sold for higher markup but still has reasonable markup. And if they are being more common in the future their markup should possibly being lower than now, the sale of ARk-30 D would only be worse than now if A-team don't adjust the decay on them to suits calypso weapons.

    As Chris said(if my memory serves me right) early this month on forum that this weapon re-balance is to help system to drop high-level(404 505 40 50) UL Arkadia weapon blueprints, but I would say it doesn't matter if they are dropping or not anyway. Because basically no one would craft them and even someone crafted them no one would buy them other than to help Arkadia economy. There are tons of new calypso weapons can be better option. I just pick some example here.

    View attachment 6368

    ASG-12 B requires 45~50 Markup inserted 145%
    ARK-40 requires 46~51 Markup inserted 100%
    ARK-40 A requires 50~55 Markup inserted 130%
    ASG-12 F requires 50~55 Markup inserted 130%
    ARK-40 J requires 60~65 Markup inserted 130%
    CB27 requires 60~65 Markup inserted 137%

    Picture says it all. Tell me a reason to choose Arkadia weapon again please.I don't think it is possible to make Arkadia economy grow without re-balancing the decay on weapons, because it was the best sale stuff on Arkadia and other planets that helps tons to local economy of Arkadia. But now many of them's sale are next to nothing that really hurts the demand of local Arkadia minerals. So please A-team take a serious consider re-balance decay(economic) on Arkadia weapons or ask Mindark to re-balance those new Calypso weapons, they just make Arkadia weapons like a piece of shit.
  2. billairboy

    billairboy Member

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    In the end it up to the players too balance the markups of the weapons so that they are competiable compared to other weapons. We can't only blame the designers of the weapon if the MU is to high.
  3. svena

    svena Active Member Pro Users

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    I've been trying to hold off on making a post like this. I wanted to wait until after the MM dust settles but yes you are right. All signs indicate that Ark weapons got over nerfed.

    The new crafted weapons are much more comparable to ark weapons, but still caly beats them. There is no comparison to caly looted weapons. I was expecting MA to lower the drop on looted weapons now that caly bps have been dropping. They did just the opposite and stuffed every MM mob full of all the new weapons. Prices on L weapons are even lower than before the start of MM.
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  4. KikkiJikki

    KikkiJikki Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    If I pay less for the ingredients, I can charge less for the finished product. Don't think the miners will be happy about that.
  5. Alice

    Alice Member

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    if the decay would be lower you could charge the same, but since the costs are shifted to the tt ammunition, its overall better eco for the user
    ofc the weapons last longer and you can sell less since the market stays saturated longer
    and crafters won't like that one :)

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