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Arkadia Underground deeds questions

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by harmony, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. harmony

    harmony Active Member Pro Users

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    I have a few questions for the Ark team about the future of the deeds.

    Like many others i bought some AUD's to support the future development of Arkadia, and off course to finally be able to call myself a landowner :)

    I have been considering really investing in it, but for me there is some important information missing, that i really need so that i can make a better informed decision, and i'm sure lots of other people would like to know as well.

    • Is the arkadia underground "as is" or are there future developments planned?

    Are there plans to have more story-line missions inside the underground, or will future development be targeted towards the planet surface? Is there a chance of new creatures, with interesting loot? Will the vaults do something interesting (they appear kinda uninteresting atm).

    • Are you (ark team) allowed to host events in the underground by MA, and are there any plans?

    Since we all own a small share, there is little chance of player-run events. An oratan invasion in the underground can be a great income-boost for the deed holders.

    • when will the shopping booths be sold, and does the tax go to the deedholders as well?
    • are there plans for more booths in the future, near the other teleporters?

    • Markup for treasures/ark ores

    The markup for treasures and a lot of ark resources is very low, mainly because the lack of skilling blueprints. Are there plans to introduce those, with 5% tax. Miners need more markup to mine in the underground. (lyst for example jumped up in markup after cyrene introduced the lysterium power container blueprint).

    • 8 coins

    I think i read somewhere that 8coins is no longer in the hands of the original investor. Are there plans to do an AUD-construction for 8coins in the future as well?
  2. Puck

    Puck Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    All good questions. A few have probably been answered elsewhere. Though having all the answers here would be helpful.
  3. mastermesh

    mastermesh Active Member

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    Will new 'continents' or servers be added to underground over time, and will those be added to aud taxed areas or be something completely different?... i.e. will the underground 'grow' in server size as new content is added?

    Will there be unique mobs there that spawn only there and nowhere else in the virtual universe, and will you tie an iron man type mission to it?

    Can you set aside one or two deeds... and put them on an ark 'official npc' type of avatar and have that one official take the earnings off of those deeds, divided up in to one - five pec stacks and scatter ALL of them around inside the underground every week in random spots on the ground to encourage more folks to come explore since they might find pecs on ground instead of just fruit/dung, etc. ;) Have a different employee log in daily to do this so that each employee doing it is not necessarily going to form habbits of doing it in same location that will be figured out... make it as random as you can. This could essentially work something like Rocktropia's Thing's oil rig, but would affect the entire underground instead of one small location like that does... which causes more folks to want to explore to pick up freebies, and make decay costs for themselves along the way.