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Watch This Arkadia Story Line Download

Discussion in 'About Planet Arkadia' started by Dylan | Arkadia, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Louise Ranavolana Brooks

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    I maintain a blog on Caly Forums and am in the process of writing a story that involves the three races connected with Arkadia.
    It seems strange that with both races having space capability, humans were unaware of either of them.

    I have made an assumption (with some justification I think) that the huge Oratan Fleet was for the Oratan race - that maybe they had destroyed their own world & had chosen Arkadia as their new home. That their fleet was destroyed by the Arkadians who nevertheless were unable to stop them landing.

    It came down to a battle between two races, one with technology that was in some ways far superior to that of Oratans (and humans for thatmatter). However the Oratans possessed the numbers, advantage of surprise, willingness to accept huge losses and were totally ruthless.

    They won the battles and the war and were totally victorious - but then something happened. Something that struck at the very core of their existance as a sentinent race. They still had their intelligence & abilities - all except their ability to create. That they are making frantic & determined efforts to exist as a civilization- they mine, they can repair & maintain, they understand technology - but they are broken & slowly are unravelling as a thinking race. Oratans eventual fate seems to be that they will end up as animals.

    Of the three races I suspect that the Oratans are most like humans (other than the fact that they are aliens & in so many ways are different) that the original race - seems they love beauty an honour but maybe they are even more incomprehensibly alien to us - that maybe they are more dangerous & more of a threat to humans than the Oratans ever could be.

    My thoughts on this will be expressed through the lens of an individual (me as an IFN soldier ) in daily & close contact with Oratans but without the knowledge of Arkadian history.
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