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Arkadia moon is near and i want new arkadia pre amped finders

Discussion in 'Mining' started by Vadio, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Its very clear at this time with new P , D , C , A , B series or Roctec series from RT
    ark finders become obsolete why not pick up moon release to delivery new BPs?

    I wish ask to arkadia team put somes effort here

    [Now my quick tip to you ark team]

    BP can be L and finder as well

    To Fishing new tools BP you using Tools Gizmo(like in caly) but puts

    Tools Tranning BP I - LVL3 bp
    1x veda
    Tools Tranning BP II - Lvl 5 bp
    10x veda
    Tools Tranning BP III - Lvl 7 bp
    100x veda
    Tools Tranning BP IV - lvl 10 bp
    1000x veda

    Ofcourse input value you can be define type as well but whole point focus not more that 2 resourcer and like more raw input since none want take loss in comp its only add more layers and make things more expensive
    and why lvl3 5 7 10 bp? to you can push decent tools i rank 90 prospector i realy wish something in my level

    If ark team want you can contact pfc / discord / ingame since i dont visit here often i can think term balance to stats on finder since i hear its PP decision not mindark , mindark only say yes or no

    you also can expand my idea to whole weapon/mf/medic sections
    everyone wins , true crafters , true gamblers , and put somes L gear competitive to push economy