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Arkadia Land Area #1

Discussion in 'Selling' started by giuly_adm, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. giuly_adm

    giuly_adm Member

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    Considering selling this Land Area

    The sale includes:

    Arkadia Land Area #1 Deed
    Arkadia Land Area #1 Estate Deed (Villa)
    2 x Magurg Male DNA actually inserted (Unique LA with this DNA)


    Current BO 300k PED
    Private offers only (contact me ingame since I don't use often this forum: Giuliano adm Noooo)
    PED/CLD/AUD only accepted
    No offer under 200k ped will receive a reply
    No offer from who doesn't show to have the funds will be considered
    I keep the right to accept/deny offers, close/change the sale and so on

    Please keep this thread clean, for the trolls that can't resist sharing their consideration about market value and so on there are others forum sections they can use, I won't wait to ask moderators to help me to keep the thread clean


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