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Are There Other Islands Comming

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by SallyBridges, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. SallyBridges

    SallyBridges Adviser Arkadia Adviser

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    I have a slightly small commute to work its my choice but been the Arkadian Addict that I am ;) I like to keep up to date with things and check out the forums ( there slightly quiter than other forums ) but I respect the views of the people on the arkadia forum. and its a great community. ( 5 hours per day commute )

    So I have been reading the background of the arkadia story line it has taken some time and has been Interesting reads.

    so we currently have the 1 Island that we are all exploring and going around ;)

    It mentions in the story line that this is the first island of many ;) So are we going to get some more islands in the near future with some more sea to go around ;) then we could have an arkadia PIRATE boat to go an attack as well Ahoy There ;)

    Only asking as Rocktropia cutting down on servers / Toulan cant be using that Many / Arkadia is great and so ;) are they going to expand in the next VU ;) ;) ;) ;)

    Oh roll on Middle of March when the PP Update happens
  2. Caillend Ceres

    Caillend Ceres Member

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    Think the plan is still Arkadia Underground before everything bigger like more servers.

    But when they add something, they should make it a no vehicle zone like Toulan is completely :p
  3. David | Arkadia

    David | Arkadia Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Planet Arkadia Official

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    Wow that's a long commute Sally.

    As the population of Arkadia grows (which has been doing steadily for some time now) we will look to open up new areas.