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Are the mission rewards on entropiawiki outdated?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by liliana, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. liliana

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    Im getting bored on Caly after finishing my 5k Argo and 5k Atrax missions. I was gonna start one of the 10k missions but decided I needed a change of scenary. I was looking for a similar target to hunt on Ark and decided on Bokols of the Young to Provider range. However the mission reward seemed a bit off. For example if I stay on Caly and finish 10k Atrax I get Combat Reflexes (eq. 34.88 PED implant). If I do the 10k Argo I get Combat Reflexes (eq. 28.75 PED implant). Then I looked at the reward for 12k Bokols and it seems a bit off. Evade (eq. 2.76 PED value) Is there some other benefit of choosing to do Bokols vs staying on Caly and doing either Atrax or Argos. I posted how much each of the above contributes to the Evader profession below. Even though Evade contributes a little more than twice as much, Combat Reflexes has the added bonus of also affecting Dodger.

    • Evade: 25%
    • Combat Reflexes: 11% (contribution to Dodger is just 10%)

    Maybe Im missing something but the reward seems a little underwhelming.
  2. Slapper

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