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Ardorjies (Mêlée) Hunting Blog

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Ardorj, Dec 20, 2015.

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    Looking forward to it. Hope I can make it this time.
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  2. Ardorj

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    2017 Summary

    Just like last year, (speaking about 2016) this has been a great Entropia/Arkadia year for me. I've made some fine progress, even though I am I think one of the slowest players out there in the Universe.

    So, what is it all that I've done, completed and gained in 2017?
    First of all the Mêlée all the Way! on Arkadia: great fun, good times and I'm looking forward to repeating that with the coming MatW! :wink:
    I've unlocked Treatment in the beginning of 2017, and Avoidance near the end!
    I've looted an unlimited Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted.
    Make my Museum of Mêlée look awesome, and continue to improve it. You can visited at Sanctuary Cove, first building on the left when looking from the TP, second floor.
    After leaving Supremacy Reign I started looking for another society and found that with the NBK Rangers.
    Doing a sochunt with the NBK on Cyrene.
    Flying to Calypso and doing all kinds of missions there, such as cleaning a swamp and many Hunting Stage 1's.
    First time I've organized an Mêlée all the Way! on a different planet then Arkadia. Getting of HOF and Uber for the first time since running MatW! on Calypso.
    I've started to focus a bit more on MindForce hunting. Great fun! And also buying a Cryogenic Attack Nanochip VII to give my a goal to aim for.
    Max-out my beloved, favorite and pride & joy GYRO Combat FAP-60 Smuggler, and getting it to Tier III.

    I've spend this year a total of 48314,66 PED, that's an increase of roughly 147% compared to 2016. Of those PEDs 46139,40 (95,50%) was the weapon-decay and ammonution used. 1733,09 (3,59%) was my total defense cost, almost one percent more. 293,19 (0,61%) was the cost of everything else, that means flying with the DragonFly when I'd been killed or jumping with the TP-chips. Also the cost of the Aakas and Sal'diresh Keys are in here. It's still ~25 PEDs less then 2016. 148,98 (0,31%) is left for my Chikara InvestaFoe ES300 scanner-decay.
    From all those PEDs spend I got back 89,20%, or 43098,71, a loss of 5215,95 PED. This overall year-return is less then previously, and less also then the 'promised' 90%. For now, I can't quite say what can be the cause of the low, albeit not in the least bad, result. I'm happy with the result I have. Entropia, to me, isn't about making money, it's about having a good time and getting better each and every time. And in that I've succeeded immensly! :spiderman:

    All that hunting (for some that might be their monthly budget, for others a lifetime) went, among others, into finishing the following missions on Arkadia:
    Stage 1: IFN Defense Bot, Magurg Male, Dehera Sentinel, Magurg Female
    Stage 2: Kadra, Oratan, Oweko
    Stage 3: Bokol, Rakta, Feran, Ubo
    Stage 4: Nusul, Yarrijak
    Stage 5: none
    Stage 6: Halix, Hadraada :beaver:

    And the mission completed on other planets (read Calypso):
    Stage 1: RipperSnapper, Gokibusagi, Combibo, Kerberos, Allophyl/Estophyl, Drone, Snarg, Prancer, Atrax, Cornundacauda, Eviscerator, Berycled, Feffoid
    Stage 2: Snarg, Combibo, Prancer
    Stage 3: Snarg, Daikiba/Shinkiba, Puny Creatures
    Stage 4: Snarg :hungry:

    I've made two graphs to show how it went from hunt to hunt.
    Ardorjies Hunting 2017.A.png
    Here you can see for each hunt # on the x-axis (first hunt of 2017 is #1, it's not the same as the numbers in this blog, because I've started end of 2015) how much the total return % is for 2017 on the y-axis. The view can be a bit misleading, because there's a huge range in hunting costs. With the cheapest I've only spend 4,97 PEDs (Hunting Wombana with Herman ARK-0 (L) during SAGE IV). While the most expense has been a hunt of 1112,85 PEDs (Hunting 250 Otorugi with Castorian Combat Mace Mk. II + Melee Trauma Amplifier VI & Khorum Ice Dagger + Melee Trauma Amplifier I and Arsonistic Chip I (L), with only one global to show for it).

    Ardorjies Hunting 2017.B.png
    This graph shows the accumulated (som of) the hunting costs on the x-axis versus the accumulated return on the y-axis. Can you guess where that 1k hunt is? It looks likeI've been in the positive right at the beginning, and that is correct this year! 21,47 PEDs in the plus after the third hunt!

    And I want to close this small summary with a top 5 of the best and worst mobs for me in 2017. This is heavily flawed, because all of these I've only hunted once or twice.
    Worst mobs---Best mobs---
    Smuggler49,35%Second Entity237,45%
    Magurg Male65,48%RipperSnapper148,37%
    So, where I to remove all the mobs that I've hunted four times or less, then the top 5s look completely different:
    Worst mobs---Best mobs---
    Dehera Defender76,00%Dromia091,71%
    And now there's only one thing left for me to say, and that is: ....

    Best wishes to all of you and happy HOFfing in 2018!!
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  3. Ardorj

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    I've done quite a lot of different hunts lately, at least when compared to my 'normal' hunting activities, if there's even something like that to talk about with my hunting style. Let me first take a look at my goals:

    30. Buy tables for my Apartment (9 of 10).
    33. Attend more Teamhunts/ Sochunts/ Events (4 of 10).
    34. Max out Shagadi Disintegration (58.3 of 66.0).
    35. Finish Dromia Stage 5. (8.2k of 10.0k).
    36. Collect Arkoins (18.0k of 50.0k).

    To say it with a bit more words: I've done a little sochunt on the first day of the new year. We've hunted Yukaas ... autch, it takes all I got to even stay alive when one thinks I've a tasty bite! Loot was absent, so we went to the Togolossies where we got a few globals. It was fun, as sochunts are meant to be.
    Before that, also on 1st of January, I went on a small Oro hunt in search of Christmas Strongboxes. I wanted to loot a quality dividable by 5, so that I could open them myself with keys bought from the Webshop. Of course, I ended with too little (or much), and then some days later I returned. Soon I needed only one more, but then they stopped dropping for me all together. I kept on hunting, hoping that one would drop with every hunt. I switched to the high maturities, hours later, yet still no more Boxes. I got two nice globals on the big Oroos and I ended with a nice profit that hunt, so not all's so bad. Except that I stayed up way too late ... I didn't hunt the big ones with the same weapons as the small ones, of course. Yet I've noted in the table below only the weapons used in the beginning. The two hunts after that were on big Oro, and therefor the weapons used are different.
    After hunting enough Oroos to have a nice little stack of Strongboxes (35?), I got the keys and opened them. One had an amp, the others weren't much of interest. Some of the pills might come in handy one day, I don't know.

    Because maxing-out my Shagadi Sword is still a couple of levels away of my current level, I've set some goalpost for myself. With every new level in Swordsman (Dmg), I will go on 'Celebration Hunts'. These are hunts on big mobs that I normally don't hunt (much), and enough to complete one or two Stages that give a reward that contributes to the Swordsman (Dmg). One Bokol/ Nusul hunt I was thinking "Why haven't I gained a new level yet? How much longer will it take?" and when I got a look I saw this:
    PRINT SCREEN 2018-01-11 21-18-12.jpg

    lol - 100.00% progress! Needless to say the next hunt was a first of the Celebration Hunts, and for level 44 Swordsman (Dmg) I've chosen the Oweko. Oh dear ... they are not nice to me. I'm now 1/3rd into the mission, and all I've got is one half broken gun. It also took me a while to find out how to hunt them, without something like this happening:
    PRINT SCREEN 2018-01-14 17-17-8.jpg
    I believe I've found a way not to be beaten senseless by them. Now on to find a way to make a hunt profitable .... Enough talking for now, let's see how the hunts went.

    Aak.FirAakas Fire Dagger
    Cas.CM3Castorian Combat Mace Mk. III
    Com.NC.4LCombustive Attack Nanochip IV (L)
    Cry.NC.1LCryogenic Attack Nanochip I (L)
    Elec.NC.3LElectric Attack Nanochip III (L)
    Elec.NC.4LElectric Attack Nanochip IV (L)
    Elec.NC.5LElectric Attack Nanochip V (L)
    Gen.Ice.ELMGenesis Icerage E.L.M Edition (L)
    Lac.NC.1LLacerating Attack Nanochip I (L)
    +MTA1Melee Trauma Amplifier I
    +MTA6Melee Trauma Amplifier VI
    +NPKA1LNeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier I (L)
    Hunts #526 - #539:
    526.70 OroElec.NC.4L & Cry.NC.1L019,04017,91094,07%3x Christmas Strongbox
    527.21 KP* YukaGen.Ice.ELM+MTA6 & Com.NC.4L+NPKA1L193,14125,52064,99%Global (78, 70) ; NBK Teamhunt on Arkadia
    528.43 KP* TogolossiGen.Ice.ELM+MTA6 & Com.NC.4L+NPKA1L225,7221,04093,05%Global (58, 90, 82, 166) ; Combat Mask Portugal (M) ; NBK Teamhunt on Arkadia ; 3600 First Aid
    529.204 Bokol & 283 NusulGen.Ice.ELM+MTA6 & Elec.NC.4L+NPKA1L733,99669,04091,15%Global (52) ; 260 Bioregenesis ; Level 22 Electro Kinetic (Hit)
    530.792 OroElec.NC.4L & Cry.NC.1L304,09324,46106,70%Global (10, 44) ; 12x Christmas Strongbox ; 2800 Electrokinesis ; Level 28 Electro Kinetic (Dmg) ; [System]: Your GYRO Combat FAP-60 Smuggler has reached tier 3.3 & 3.4
    531.86 OroElec.NC.5L+NPKA1L & Elec.NC.4L070,06046,53066,41%2x Christmas Strongbox ; Level 23 Electro Kinetic (Hit) ; 160 Avoidance
    532.87 OroElec.NC.5L+NPKA1L & Elec.NC.4L072,37054,22074,92%4x Christmas Strongbox
    533.108 Bokol & 138 NusulGen.Ice.ELM+MTA6 & Elec.NC.4L+NPKA1L391,55286,29073,10%Max. 168 HP
    534.175 Bokol & 226 NusulGen.Ice.ELM+MTA6 & Elec.NC.4L+NPKA1L621,87516,62083,08%Level 44 Swordsman (Dmg) ; 6900 Longblades ; 4000 Martial Arts
    535.153 OwekoGen.Ice.ELM+MTA6 & Aak.Fir+MTA1451,53281,92062,44%---
    536.425 DromiaElec.NC.3L & Lac.NC.1L068,48055,42080,93%1600 Concentration ; 3000 Electrokinesis
    537.119 OwekoGen.Ice.ELM+MTA6 & Aak.Fir+MTA1367,01300,07081,76%---
    538.125 OtorugiCas.CM3+MTA6 & Aak.Fir+MTA1620,80531,58085,63%Global (58)
    539.128 OwekoGen.Ice.ELM+MTA6 & Aak.Fir+MTA1349,06279,31080,02%Piron PBP-37 (L)

    AARGHHH!!! When will the next profitable hunt be?! That's 9 so far with less then 90% return! :drowning:
    I doubt that anyone has noticed, so I'll point it out. The thing is that I've used two weapons that I've never used before: Aakas Fire Dagger and Castorian Combat Mace Mk. III. Both aren't maxed-out, but the first I'm using as a finisher so that's oke and it might give me a bit more Knifefighting skills, so that's all right. The second I've used on the Otorugi just to see how that would go. I think that at this moment the Mk. II is still the better option for me, the Mk. III now lacks in speed.

    And in closing, this has to be shown too:
    6900 Longblades.jpg

    Results since tracking:
    Mêlée all the Way!: 90,6%
    Mindforce without Remorse!: 6,5%
    Total decay: 86623,47 PED
    Total loot: 78820,90 PED
    Result: 90,99%
    Ardorj :hurting::mad::angelic::battleroar::nailbiting::sour::banhappy:
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