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Ardorjies (Mêlée) Hunting Blog

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Ardorj, Dec 20, 2015.

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    I hate to break it to you, but those two missions are pretty much impossible to finish all the way. First few stages might be doable though.

    Calculations showed me that you would need to farm aakas 1 (cheapest options) for 10 hours a days (20 runs on a 30min/run average) for 4 years straight.

    If I were you, do it as a side-goal passed stage 1 and hope the missions are going to be updated in the future.

    And as always, love to read your blog. :)
  2. Ardorj

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    I've read your reply not long after you've posted it, but thought to wait to answer when I'de my a new update.
    As for the Aakas-missions, the first is a struggle enough in its own right. And I am not very fond of them either, so after Stage 1 I'll leave them be. (Another reason besides the skill-reward is that I want to farm my own Arkoins to join the Smugglers, so maybe I'll run a few more after completing Stage 1.)
    And thanks for the kind words! :cool:

    I promise here and now, this post won't be as long as the previous one lol!

    Let's see what I've hunted and have to say about them. First a small Dromia hunt, they are always bad for me. Just so now. Hadraada second, they have forgotten how to drop a Bloodstained Axe 17 (L) it seemed, and also might have forgotten what a profitable hunt is. Nusul, small hunt of Oro, and the final Nusul hunt for me to finish Stage 4! Here's a little show of what their reward does for me:
    PRINT SCREEN 2017-03-26 18-38-17.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2017-03-26 18-38-32.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2017-03-26 18-39-16.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2017-03-26 18-39-28.jpg
    The notes that I've made of that last Nusul-hunt, wich I always post in the hunting table below, are so many for this hunt (#339), that I post them here:
    "[System]: Your Castorian Combat Mace Mk. I has reached tier 6.9 ; Dominax Original Garter Adjusted (L) ; Dominax Original Habu Improved (L) ; Scott & Barlow LP-10 (L) ; [System]: Your Corrosive Attack Nanochip III has reached tier 0.6 ; 2200 Pyrokinesis ; Nusul Stage 4 Finished"

    And them I had one of the most boring hunt of this year. I took all the Dominax Garters (L) from my Storage that I've looted from the Nusuls. Four at full TT, two about 50%, and went to Relentless Firebase Academy to hunt Halixes, using a Castorian Pioneer EnBlade-6 E.L.M Edition (L) as the main weapon of wich I've found two lying dormant in my Storage. It was so damn boring, that the next few days I was thinking like: "The reason I hunt Halixes if for the Weapon Handling-reward, wich is only good for Whips. The reason I hunt with whips, is because I've looted them myself and these are mêlée weapons after all. It's a circle argument. Hunt with whips to complete the Halix Stage 6, complete Halix Stage 6 to become better in the Whipper-prostanding."
    Luckly I had another whip, looted not long ago, that would be better used on the highest maturities. The Pioneer-6 (L) stayed, but this time as finisher. It was a lot more fun, by large. They were even good enough to grant me a small Global:
    Halix 007.jpg Nothing special, besides that this is my 7th Halix Global lol!

    Then I did my one and only Aakas-run of this period, everytime I promise to myself: "this or that evening I will run as much as I can.", yet when that evening is there I either don't play Entropia at all, or when I do I often deceide to hunt something else. Well, I am making progress towards finishing Stage 1, however slow it goes!
    After that I went to hunt Ferans. I thought that I could do them in one or two hunts, boy was I mistaken! 200 Done now, about 150 remaining. They are quite fun though, hunting the high maturities, and oh! they sure know how to hit. And hard at that too! The last one was quite a failure. I went to the Kadraas, and knew a bit of armour was wise to put on. I meant to take my Musca Adjusted, but took Musca (L) in stead, and thought "oh, why the hell not?" Because a fapfest against a high-regen mob is not a good idea. Because I've died like four times. Because loot, what loot?

    9. Max-out my GYRO Combat FAP-60 Smuggler (37 of 40 uses/min).
    22. Finish Dehera Sentinel & Magurg Female Stage 1 (47 of 100). +1
    23. Completed! Finish Nusul Stage 4 (4.8k of 4.8k).
    25. Buy lamps for my Apartment (3 of 4). +1
    26. Loot a full-TT Bloodstained Axe 17 (L) (111.32 of 124.00 PED).
    27. New! Finish Feran Stage 3 (1.0k of 1.2k). It will be done fast enough, very much likely way before any of the other personal goals will be done.

    Cas.CM1Castorian Combat Mace Mk. I
    Cas.CM2Castorian Combat Mace Mk. II
    Cas.PEnB6LCastorian Pioneer EnBlade-6 E.L.M Edition (L)
    Cor.NC.3Corrosive Attack Nanochip III
    Cor.NC.4LCorrosive Attack Nanochip IV (L)
    Dom.OB.AdjDominax Original Boiga Adjusted
    Dom.OG.AdjLDominax Original Garter Adjusted (L)
    Elec.NC.2LElectric Attack Nanochip II (L)
    Gen.Ice.ELMGenesis Icerage E.L.M Edition (L)
    Khor.IceKhorum Ice Dagger
    Lac.NC.1LLacerating Attack Nanochip I (L)
    S.I. PBS.I. Psy-Blade
    +MTA1Melee Trauma Amplifier I
    +MTA4Melee Trauma Amplifier IV
    +MTA6Melee Trauma Amplifier VI
    Hunts #335 - #346:
    335.275 DromiaElec.NC.2L & Man.KTL043,09037,37086,73%---
    336.2262 KP HadraadaCas.CM1+MTA6 & Khor.Ice+MTA1239,94208,40086,86%Global (64) ; Piron PLR-17 (L)
    337.200 NusulCas.CM1+MTA4 & Cor.NC.3219,79223,43101,66%2800 Clubs ; Level 30 One Handed Clubber (Hit) ; 1200 Power Catalyst
    338.148 OroElec.NC.2L & Man.KTL040,79039,39096,57%Level 17 Electro Kinetic (Hit) ; 2000 Electrokinesis
    339.200 NusulCas.CM1+MTA4 & Cor.NC.3267,58284,64106,38%See above (under Global picture)
    340.1062 KP HalixCas.PEnB6L & Dom.OG.AdjL013,54012,86094,98%Level 22 Whipper (Hit)
    341.5748 KP HadraadaCas.CM1+MTA6 & Khor.Ice+MTA1603,12442,73073,41%Global (69) ; Scott & Barlow LR-13 (L) ; 4000 Bravado
    342.6998 KP HalixDom.OB.Adj+MTA1 & Cas.PEnB6L144,27144,21099,96%[System]: Your Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted has reached tier 0.1 & 0.2 & 0.3 & 0.4 & 0.5 ; Global (16) ; Headshot II (L) ; Level 28 Whipper (Dmg) ; 110 Treatment
    343.A) 1 Dehera Sentinel & 1 Magurg Female & 15 Dehera Defender ; B) 116 Ubo & 63 Rakta & 98 YarrijakA) Cas.CM2+MTA6 & Khor.Ice+MTA1 ; B) Cor.NC.3 & Lac.NC.1L & S.I. PB075,18043,26057,54%[System]: Your Corrosive Attack Nanochip III has reached tier 0.7 ; [System]: Your S.I. Psy-Blade has reached tier 0.4 ; Level 24 Pyro Kinetic (Dmg) ; Level 12 Cryogenic (Hit)
    344.75 FeranCor.NC.4L & Lac.NC.1L048,47025,59052,80%---
    345.126 FeranCor.NC.4L & Lac.NC.1L097,84086,00087,90%Global (25) ; Piron PLR-7 (L) ; 1000 Cryogenics
    346.44 KadraGen.Ice.ELM+MTA6 & Cas.CM1+MTA1226,81168,31074,21%[System]: Your GYRO Combat FAP-60 Smuggler has reached tier 2.6 ; Global (65)

    That's all for now folks!

    Results since tracking:
    Mêlée all the Way!: 89,9% <-- uhhh ... it's going down!
    Mindforce without Remorse!: 5,0%
    Total decay: 45017,05 PED
    Total loot: 43516,83 PED
    Result: 92,66% <-- yukh! Down as well!
    Ardorj :hungry::hungover::greyalien::battleroar::confused::sick::finger:
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