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Missions Archeologist mission and mobs (#2)

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Neil, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    The issue: most times when I go to the location of the #2 missing archeologist (near Mamba digsite), there are a couple of creatures in the ravine, preventing access to the NPC.

    Now, I must say that they certainly add to the excitement and adventure of what would otherwise be a pretty uneventful mission, and that I myself enjoyed the challenge of luring them out of there. But... it seems to me that this mission was intended for beginners, and aggressive mobs at that level are way above what beginners can handle.

    So... I'm wondering whether these guys are really supposed to be down in that ravine or if they should be moved a bit farther from the edge so they no longer fall into it.

    Having watched a number of noobs wander around and around trying to find the NPC, I think (as a beginner mission teaching navigation skills), it's challenging enough without having to contend with aggressive creatures.

    Either way—mobs or no mobs—is fine with me, but I just thought I'd point it out in case it's of interest to the dev team. Thanks!
  2. Admin

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    Probably belongs in feedback. *moved* :)
  3. John BD

    John BD Member

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    its not part of the academy missions so its a normal mission, but with some persistence anyone can lure mobs out of there :)
    u only need a quick click so u can also try and jump the npc from above :D

    (or a bit more cheeky and not totaly intended, wait till they get the stuck status and jump in :p )