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Arbinger's wishlist

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Murkalael, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Murkalael

    Murkalael Active Member

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    Interface related
    -ability to shrink or resize progress window, I like that window, but seems MA is following Microsoft trying to introduce live tiles on EU?
    -ability to turn off land area notifications. There's nothing more anoying while you're waiting some message and LA notification poups up.

    Gameplay related
    -natural arkadian UL producing weapon bps. Haven't seen anywhere a natural arkadian bp that makes UL weapons. All the ones I have came from other planets
    -fix on chicken bug (as I call). I like to hunt using 3rd person view. Never been fan of FPS mode. But some mobs (mostly bird like) have a bug while in 3rd person that you receive the message "Failed to move within interaction range", even if you are on top of the mob. Happens a lot with gallards, osteloks bokol, nusul and jori.
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    SCILOCK Member

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    yes I agree, the progress window was nice and small, now after latest patch its large and one cant resize it, so I removed it :)
  3. sinkillerj

    sinkillerj Active Member

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    I like all the new chat features, but it would be nice if they had kept a theme similar to the previous one, it allowed for nice transparency. Its also always been strange to me that they revamp certain GUI textures, but not others, its such a hodgepodge of different styles.

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