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Apartment Upgrades

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by s.c, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. KikkiJikki

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    We seem to be digressing from the OP central them to focus on the least likely option - transformation of apartments to shops. And I am going to continue that trend lol.

    I agree with some other posters that Arkadia's economy and residents would benefit from an increase in the number of active shops and I personally would welcome the competition. If apartments could be upgraded I would seriously look at the possibility of consolidating my Celeste Harbour business into one building as well as expanding into some new lines. My business model constrains me to keeping a tight focus on the wares available in each shop and the item limit is something I keep on hitting despite numerous expansions.

    Yes there would be real estate market impacts. Shop values would decline. Apartment values would increase. But the true value of a shop is not in how much you paid for it or can sell it for. It's in how it enhances your business by increasing revenue, reducing risk, managing shelf life, assisting marketing. Shops are not a growth asset. I say that even though the apparent value of my Quarry booth has increased by several hundred percent since I bought it. I have no plans to sell it since it is key to my business so it's theoretical resale value is really quite irrelevant.

    Frankly, any current shop owner who knows what they are doing should have recouped the cost of purchase many times over by now.

    But let's stop for a quick reality check. It's not Dave but MA that is controlling the number of available shop deeds. They have tied it to milestones in player activity on planet but we don't know what those milestones are. Presumably Dave does. Why oh why do you think MA would agree to an uncontrolled number of apartment to shop upgrades if they won't allow even one extra shop deed to be made available? So really I don't think this option is on the table. There have been another of other options in the thread that have fallen by the wayside. Perhaps we should take another look at those?

    Edit to re-add formatting. My work browser really doesn't interface well with this forum.
  2. Gewitter

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    Anthony, I'm sorry, but you did not understand me. I was not talking about how much sales you have per a day or month, but how many objects loaded at the same time in your Shop when the player located inside. Compare my Shop and yours. In your Shop is placed only 84 items atm. In my - 311 (plus each of 7 shopkeepers suited in 7-8 items, so about 50). In sum about 360 items. Due to lags this all loads very slow!
    I wanted to expand my Shop up to 500 item points inside and perhaps plus 20-50 seats outside, but I'm worried that after installation another 3-5 Shopkeepers and full range of additional items inside shop stop loading.
    Also, I do not see shop as an investment. I see it as a kind of gameplay, and it does not always bring only profit, taking into account that I formed in my Shop a range of necessary items and I need to support him. Sometimes this support may be associated with loss, as there is unsuccessful manufacturing. If you are considering Shop as long-term investment, and then want to sell expensive, it is my opinion - this is wrong. I think your worries regarding the price associated with this fact about investment. No need to keep a Shop for the investment. Shop should serve to support the players.

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