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AHR Early Christmas Party Aftermath

Discussion in 'Atlas Haven Radio' started by Lizzy, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Lizzy

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    On Saturday, the 14th of December, we had a blast at the AHR Early Christmas Party!

    First we had DJ Hvzey playing during her regular time from 12:00 till 15:00 MA time, with a combination of her normal choice of music and some Christmas songs mixed in.

    * * * * * * *

    Then The Grinch did her show from 15:00 till 18:00 MA time. Wildly trying to thwart the plans of the other DJ's, wanting to destroy Christmas with some players she recruited to help her!

    View attachment 8561 View attachment 8560

    Needles to say, her quest to ruin Christmas failed, and none of her recruited players managed to complete the tasks she gave them. The main problem, Santa was still on the North Pole!

    View attachment 8559

    The Grinch had succesfully recruited the following players, and gave each a task to complete. :fineprint:

    Electra Sparks Lightning : Shoot some elves!
    Clayton Chubby Pugster : Sabotage Santa's Sled
    Celtic Cali Caliona : Steal all the candy canes!
    Hunter Forever Young223 : Feed the reindeers some laxatives!
    Trash Bags Galore : Cut Holes in Santa's suit!
    Lady Reynock Masterofstreams : Steal the elves' toy factory keys!
    Lucky Almostme Luciano : Bury all the presents in the snow!
    Jim Genkai Inkfoot : Steal Santa's special milk and cookies!

    Special Thanks to : Corby Core Hunter for providing the Mann MPH DLx!

    View attachment 8558

    * * * * * * *

    Right after The Grinch, DJ Honey managed to capture the stream and kicked off the AHR Early Christmas Party From 18:00 till 20:00 MA time.

    View attachment 8557
    This might look like not much, but DJ Honey sent off players to find various items during her show, that the Grinch managed to steal and hide away.

    And to make matters worse, the Smugglers made an appearance too! :surrender:

    View attachment 8556

    Ned seemed like a polite Smuggler to our surprise.

    View attachment 8552
    They managed to pop a few moves too!

    View attachment 8553

    Maybe they aren't all that bad after all...

    DJ Honey was also doubbling as Santa's Elf, and let people win the following with easy questions :

    Jim Genkai Inkfoot : Finder F-101
    Heero Shunkiro Death : Ziplex Z5 Seeker
    Trash Bags Galore : Rk-5 with Welding Wire
    Stefan Stefylord Kis : Mindforce Implant + Regeneration Chip I
    Clayton Chubby Pugster : EWE EP-11

    Also, The Grinch stole some items. With the help of players all was retrieved, and the finders were rewarded! :

    Stolen Santa Hat
    Jim Genkai Inkfoot : Sleipnir with Thruster

    Stolen Laconian Sword
    Jim Genkai Inkfoot : Laconian Sword

    Last but not least, dancing in a circle brought many oppurtunity's to let people get some extra goodies!
    With the *drop and run* a player could rush in and pick up a random item;

    Basic Pattern Shirt Orange / Basic Pattern Shirt Blue
    Athenian Tunic / Skeleton Shirt
    Basic Pattern Pants Halix Texture / 2x Mannel Shoes untextured
    Angelic Wings
    And various stackables from the Trade Terminal

    * * * * * * *

    Then we got DJ Yoshii playing her tunes from 20:00 till 22:00!

    Normally she avoids landlubbers, as she spends most of her times in space, but she landed on planet Arkadia to host her show!

    View attachment 8555
    She even was a sweet Santa Elf and gave out the following early Christmas presents :

    Rumple Spatula Stilskin : Mann MPH Dlx
    Tal Maru / Rumple Spatula Stiskin / Heero Shunkiro Death : Rk-5 with Welding Wire
    Stef : Thruster
    Trash Bags Galore : Sleipnir + Thusters
    Oz Opaloman : 60 Ped TT Herman weapon (L)
    Ranger : 90 Ped TT Herman Pistol (L) + Energy Gloves
    Celtic Cali Caliona / Lady Zya Savira / Genkay : Thruster

    * * * * * * *

    Last but not least, DJ Izzy did the final show from 22:00 till 0:00.

    View attachment 8554
    Izzy also gave away prizes during his show, and all it took were easy questions to awnser!

    Elaurne Masokombinacka Vilarnes : Mindforce Implant with Kinetich Attack Chip
    Heero Shinkuro Death : Sleipnir
    Trash Bags Galore : S.G. Takeover Mk1
    Hunter Forever Young223 : Mann MPH DLx
    Trash Bags Galore : S.I. H.E.A.R.T.
    Hunter Forever Young223 : Rk5 with Welding Wire

    The biggest prize of them all, a Quad-Wing Interceptor, was won by;
    Heero Shunkiro Death

    We, the DJ's from Atlas Haven Radio, want to thank all the listeners for all the fun we had, and wish you the very best with all the gifts we had given you!

    We wish you all a Merry, Merry Christmas!

    A special thanks go out to our donators :

    o Patra II
    Gwen Red L
    ady Zya Savira
    oney Honeybun
    orby Core Hunter
    avid Westmoreland
    Lady Reynock
    Lizzy Storm

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    AWESOME PARTY GUYS! Congrats! Couldn't make it to the party, but next time I will. See ya in quarry.