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Adventures of a Portuguese in a strange world

Discussion in 'Other Fiction' started by spardax, Apr 10, 2015.

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    My Avatar is: John Frost Snow

    I'm a 26 years old Portuguese living in the exotic Asia for 2 years now (Macau, full of casinos, what is not to love), I have joined Entropia Universe in one of my intergalactic travels and lost my way back home, I wandered for 3 weeks in Calypso where I met my soc and some strangers, There was many wanderers in this land, maybe there are a lot of wormholes in Planet Earth... I met a cool Portuguese wanderer such as Myself and he offered me a ride to Arkadia at a cheap rate, since I miraculously had some money on my pocket when I arrived in this strange world, I exchanged it for some starting gear and some money for my daily needs.


    Well everyone, I decided to continue my diary of the events that happened or are happening in this strange world, maybe after some one else gets lost in this world they might find some consolation they weren't the only ones. As i said before I arrived in Planet Arkadia, one of the Planets of this different galaxy, So far I have been enjoying my adventure and I will now start to report what happened to me:

    1st Day:

    As soon as I arrived the friend I made in Planet Calypso introduced me to the bureaucracy of this Planet, I found out that every new wanderer was given a set of guidance tasks that helped us become familiarized with the environment and for accomplishing those tasks they would offer some initial items that would help us in the future, like everyone I got some interesting things i never seen before, the travel in space and the wormhole I fell into was already mesmerizing but now I had an hoverpod this thing is great, so sad we don't mass produce this things on Planet Earth. After finishing the tasks given to me I headed to the Passport officer thinking I would get some identification to identify myself in the road anytime some cop might ask me to pull over... was I mistaken... He made me gather 10000 bottles of sweat... I was furious I asked for an explanation but got none..., later some people explained me that the sweat of animals in this strange world is used for some psychic powers ammunition and other new ways have been invented of using sweat... Well the day was already long and getting dark I found a nice spot in Celeste Outpost under a tree and covered myself with carabok hide (killed some while doing the tasks offered to me), thinking how would be my next sweaty day I fell asleep...

    To be continued...
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  2. Lovefall

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    Great to see one more person sharing stories of their adventures... keep them coming. :)
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    Its great. Thanks for sharing.