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Achievements in Arkadia

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by harmony, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. harmony

    harmony Active Member Pro Users

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    i would like to offer some feedback on the way achievements are implemented in arkadia. Let me start by saying that I totally dislike the way achievements are in EU right now, i think the scoring % of unlocked achievements should be per planet and not overall like it is now. The reason for this is that I, like many others, am a completionist, i have some strange need to get to 100% in stuff, this is impossible for all planets, so it discourages me to go for achievements.

    But now back to the arkadian achievements, i feel achievements should be more about fun stuff you can actually accomplish with normal gaming hours. And not about proving i have no life and spend way too much time ingame.

    For me there are two main reasons why i like achievements.

    First i would like to get the visual rewards of accomplishing something in the game, and Secondly sometimes getting an achievement will give me a goal for a few hours ingame when i don't know what i want to do next.

    If you look at the achievements on Next Island, they are the perfect example for a player like me, interesting achievements for a casual gamer, doable but still challenging and require some time to complete, and you can get a 100% score. So both my reasons for doing them are fullfilled there.

    If i look at Arkadian achievements they are impossible to get. For the 4800 missions we get trophy heads, in my opinion an achievement should be 'worth less' then a trophy head, so why not give out the achievement when we kill 1200 mobs, that would stimulate me to finish all those missions. While now, knowing the impossibility of getting them all, I just don't bother. So please reconsider the current achievements.

    Also i would love to see more different achievements to get and ways to get them (not as much as RT though), both calypso and next island have very nice achievements (storyline, exploration, hidden achievements, etc.), and i would really suggest checking those out if you haven't already.

    I think arkadia could utilize the achievement system a lot better then they currently do.
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  2. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    achievements in a game to me are kinda redundant and not needed...I mean look at most of them..they boil down to nothing more then"you clicked this button a bajillion times" The mission system is more of an achievement section in my eyes..you have a known goal and when you meet it you got a reward for doing it. The achievments we have that list stuff like walking or dieing or falling belong back in the nintendo cartridge case.

    Achievements are usually done to compete against a friend or foe...you know how many times you logged in ( wayy to many) you know how many hours you play ( even more to many then the log ins) and you know you mashed the fire button so many times you have already worn out 5 mice and there are no longer painted letters on your asdw keys.

    In game achievement list is binarial redundancy at its best for someone who is about as useful as a 3 peckered billy goat in a herd of elephants to earn a paycheck and probably a fat bonus for comming up with the idea to add em into EU instead of using valuable time n money on stuff that REALLy needs to be done. Probably the same guy that changes icon sizes every other VU to make it look like he does something useful for his pay.
  3. Snape

    Snape Master of the BanHammer Staff Member PAF Administrator

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    Achievements done correctly can be very handy and motivating to players as they can give them a palpable idea of where they are in their journey within EU, particularly the "younger/newer" players. I agree that pointless achievements are no much use, but if some creativity and imagination is used, you can make some humorous quip with them that can in effect become an achievement in itself for getting all the funny ones. It's a fine line to walk but I have faith in the A-Team that they will walk it well.
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