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Aakas Island & Country Club.

Discussion in 'Aakas Island' started by Jandre Kroeze, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Wow! did not realize my Land has a complete section on this forum. Thats just awesome thanks :)

    But for the develloper, I have a suggestion. Aakas does have a TP and various revive areas on the island with storage & TT, but not near the TP. Thats a problem.

    Then there is the beautifull ocean reef with pandis to hunt and go fishing. Yes peops like turtle soup that goes very well with Bombardo-chutney.

    So how about a boat-dock added to the beach for fishing Boats to moor at? Just one storage and TT at TP revive point?


    Come visit Aakas Island & Country Club. You deserve it.
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